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$$$ of rough cut red oak

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  • $$$ of rough cut red oak

    I bought some #1 Rough cut kiln dried red oak at a sawmill the other day. It was $1.61 bd ft. After planing it looked great. Out of 15 bd ft I only had one knot to deal with. Is this a average price? I have also found a guy who will sell it for $1.oo bd ft but it is air dried wood. What is the better buy? Is the air dried stuff good if dried out enough? I'm a rookie at this Rough cut stuff.

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    Air dried is fine if it has dried long enough and make sure your boards are not warped. $1.61 is not a bad price for kiln dried oak
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      That is a good price for Red Oak, The thing you want to make sure of is the moisture content. In my experience Red Oak needs to be around 5-6% moisture content. I have a simple meter that is pretty accurate. Also, if your making finished furniture I like kiln dried Oak because it will have fewer season splits and you won't have color bleeding when you stain with light colors. I still use Red Oak but prefer using White and it seems to be more forgiving. Just my 2 cents.


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        In WI that is a good price for Red Oak. Wood prices vary so much from area to area.

        As to air dried lumber. If it has been stickered the right way, it is better to air dry it that to use a kiln. I'd prefer to use AD over KD anytime, but most of the larger yards do not stock the AD.

        What part of WI are you in? If you're around I90 near the MN border, you may want to check out this place.
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          K.M. Delano
          I live up by I94 just east of Twin Cities. I know exactly where you are as I grew up in Waseca MN.
          Thanks for the info.


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            Hey, I now work in Waseca! You're not too far from Hartzells then. I know of a few guys from the WWA that drive down to get wood from Jim. He'll do you good. If ya ever head down there, tell him Ken in A.L. sent ya. He'll take care of you......
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