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Crappy customer service on TS3612

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  • Crappy customer service on TS3612

    I generally try not to whine about manufacturer's customer service departments, but this is ridiculous. I bought a TS3612 back in September on clearance at HD. Put it together, dialed it in and discovered that the arbor assy was damaged at the factory. Called Ridgid for a replacement and was told I had to wait until December as it was on backorder. Called them today to see what was up. Chipper customer service rep informed me that now it is on backorder until sometime in March. Six months for a replacement part? I am running with the damaged arbor but the blade runs out .015-.020. Okay for garage shelves, but not any real woodworking.

    I am coming to believe that "backorder" is a Ridgid codeword for "ignore and they'll go away." This will be my first and last Ridgid tool purchase.

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    Did you actually talk to Ridgid or the new parts distribution people? I'm curious because I also own a 3612 and am curious about where to go if I have any trouble with it. I bought the saw when Ridgid made them so I would think that Ridgid would be the Company that would handle warranty claims. Ridgid after all offered the Limited Lifetime Warranty not TTI.

    bdueker, can you clear this up?
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      I talked directly to Ridgid customer service, the people who are supposed to handle warranty claims, etc.


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        Herewith my customer service story:

        Shortly after the Ridgid metamorphosis (of which I was completely unaware), I bought a MSUV. (A GREAT idea, well executed; anyone who owns a miter saw should have one.) One of the little things they call "clamps" in the parts diagram (just a piece of steel with 2 90-degree bends and some teeth; used under the clamping screw for adjusting the spread of the supports) was missing. I called the Customer Service 800 number. A very nice lady, with just a hint of a southern drawl, took my info and said the part would be shipped in a handful of days. Several weeks later, it occurred to me that nothing had come in the mail.

        Having been spoiled by the response of Jake Schnarre to such issues, I emailed his successor, Bob Deuker. Bob sent me the clamp in about two days.

        That was all more than 6 months ago. Last week I got a package from Ridgid. It was another clamp, with a packing slip indicating that it had been backordered.

        Draw your own conclusions.

        Bob, I hope you can continue to measure up to Jake's performance.


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          I guess everyone has different experiences.

          I bought the Oscillating Sander back in Sept and during the setup of the work surface I found the flat spring that detents to 45, 90 deg etc could not be adjusted enough. Seemed like I could tweak it with a some pliers to make it work but I broke it in half. I called ridgid service and told them what happened. Five days later I had a new spring in my hands.

          I would guess that as they continue to iron out the outsourcing issues and get production up to speed that some parts may come up short. Kinda stinks when its your part thought and your $$$ piece of equipment sitting and collecting dust.

          I feel for ya.
          Let me see... 1, 2, 3, 4.... Uh Oh.


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            Rgad - can yo help clarify something for me please as your post was unclear to me. You missing parts, you emailed Bob and appears he did great job in getting it to you. Correct?
            Then the last sentence posted reads
            >>>>> Bob, I hope you can continue to measure up to Jake's performance. <<<<<<

            It sounds to me like he has and others said he has, or am I wrong? Has there actually been a drop-off of sorts?
            So much inflow on this topic - just trying to sift thru all and decide if the jointer is gonna be a go or not here.
            Love my 3650 anyway..............
            Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em