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mlcs router bits?.

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  • mlcs router bits?.

    In the beggining man created router bits, and it was good.....

    At first i was buying cheap kits to basically get a large selection of bits, however i learned the hard way, kits and cheaper bits suck.
    so i have been replacing common bits with either Freud, or the Diablo's (same thing kinda, but better than ryobi, buffalo, cheap amazon kits).

    So, poking my mouse around web, find mlcs.

    How are those bits?. Sometimes i would like a semi nice bit to use on say...a prototype piece knowing its crappy wood, instead of the 100.00+ bit, but i dont want to buy pure crap again.
    Can anyone speak on behalf of mlcs bits?, how are they?, sharp?, they last?.

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    Re: mlcs router bits?.

    I can't speak from personal experience as I don't own any MLCS bits but IIRC their Katana Series bits get pretty good reviews. Their less expensive line seems to receive quite a bit of criticism.
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      Re: mlcs router bits?.

      MLCS were my first bits...they worked pretty well and lasted 3-4 years. They're decent value imports IMO, similar to Woodline, Woodcraft, Holbren, Grizzly green, etc. Whiteside, Infinity, Eagle America, CMT, Amana, Freud, and are a definite step up IMO, but are also more expensive. MLCS's Katana line is a step in between, as are Eagle America's Price Cutter bits. AFAIK, Milwaukee bits are made by Freud.

      I tend to just follow the crazy deals and buy premium bits on sale.


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        Re: mlcs router bits?.

        Great sale @ Reconditioned sales on the CMT Bit sets as well as Freud, 25% off ,


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          Re: mlcs router bits?.

          I have a small set of MCLS bits, that I bought for a project and they seem to work fine. Have used them on white oak and walnut and no problems.

          How long will they last. Unknown.

          I do like the Freud bits, but as noted they are expensive, so I buy the ones that I will use a lot with Freud and the occasional profile bit I will get the MCLS.


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            Re: mlcs router bits?.

            I too have MLCS router bits. a few of both their basic and Katana ones.
            the Katana do seem to be better, but with that said i have their cheaper roundover bits and used them on red oak with minimal sanding afterwards.
            so as i find new bits i need i weigh how often i will use them, and if its going to be rare i tend to go with the MLCS ones.


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              Re: mlcs router bits?.

              I have quite a few MLCS bits and I like them. They have a good selection, good prices and ship quickly. That said, I also buy premimum bits (mainly Whiteside) for things I do a lot (round overs, straight cuts etc).