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New ridgid contractor saw?

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  • New ridgid contractor saw?

    i went to my local hd. I asked why they don't have the contractor saw online or in the store, like they do in the states. Well the gentalman typed invthe model number 4512 if not mistaken. The message was a new saw was under development. Does anyone have any info on this and mabey the relase date......

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    Re: New ridgid contractor saw?


    Thanks for the post and welcome to the Ridgid forum.

    I'm not sure how one would define a "contractor's saw" these days. I was always under the impression that the definition had reference to the trunion mounting and whether the motor "hung-out" or was mounted "within" the cabinet; and also, to some degree whether the saw was portable in some way. (Perhaps that's a wrong interpretation on my part.)

    But whatever, the possibility of a new model in the works is certainly "News", as the last couple of models seem to be short-lived. The 4512 though is less than a year old at this time, I believe. And, it's a pretty good sized saw, more stationary from my point of view and less of a "contractor's saw".

    The 4510 is Ridgid's current "portable" saw and (by my interpretation anyway) would be more of a "contractor's saw". It is now about approaching two years old, IIRC.

    I realize this doesn't answer you question, but who knows what lurks in the developement lab at TTI.

    Again, welcome to the forum,



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      Re: New ridgid contractor saw?

      from my understanding is they are working on a saw like the r4512 type. New to woodworking, so if that is not a contractor saw my apologie's.


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        Re: New ridgid contractor saw?

        I believe what you were seeing when you saw "under development ... " on the HD computer is and "HD message" referring to their inventory situation on this product is "under development" and NOT to whether a new saw is under development or not.
        I believe this is a message that is applied to items that they are evaluating to put into inventory and/or are awaiting inventory levels.

        There could well be a new saw under development, but that seldom gets announced at the store level, they want associates to sell what they have in stock ... not what might be coming in the future.
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          Re: New ridgid contractor saw?

          guess we'll have to see if a new saw will be realed, and if so I hope it will be something like the ts3650-60 type saws.