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Emerson Announces New RIDGID Power Tools

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    Based on the unemployment reports that the US has lost over 2 million FACTORY jobs in the last 2 years, it's not hard to believe that the manufacturing of tools is done overseas. And these jobs will not be returning to the US anytime soon. The next few years will probably see a few million more factory jobs lost. I feel that as the economy picks up, we won't see any change in this trend. It's a shame that the product quality and manufacturing skills that we developed and perfected in this country over the past 100 years is quickly dying out. Some may say that this is just progress.....


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      Has anyone considered:

      It was posted above that Ryobi manufactures for the DIYer and Hobbyest. Well, Like the old reliable B&D name has turned into DeWalt, and B&D is now a cheaper line...Could it be this is a way for Ryobi to break out of the cheaper line? Making the Ridgid name the equal to what the DeWalt is, the "Quality" line of tools?

      Not sure how many of you get and read the WoodWorkers EZine that comes every other week via Email, but I read just a couple weeks ago Bosch is doing much the same. I forget what exactly went round and round. I'll dig up the archives and post the link in an "Edit" to this post. Emerson name was also mentioned, I'll have to read it again myself.

      (Edit) Link to Ezine Bosch Interview

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        I don't like this new Ridgid deal at all. I bought my WW Ridgid tools because they were built in America, by americans and there quality and not to mention the warrenty. Here we go again shipping more American jobs across the ocean. I am done buying Ridgid!!! If we don't all wake up and look for American products to buy, there will be no manufacturing in the U.S.A. And what does that give our children too look forward to??? A $7.00/hr job at Walmart.


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          You buy Ridgid tools at Home Depot.

          The Depot, in turn, put the corner hardware out of business, the place where everyone knew your name and the year your house was built.

          Change with the times, or at least prepare the kids to. We can't change the fact that we live in a world market. Free trade is what the USA is all about. Nostalgia is what's holding us back.

          That said, the new Ridgid tools will still have to earn respect or die an uncompetitive death.


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            Woody brings up a good point. Ridgid may become, to Ryobi, what DeWalt is to B&D or Bosch is to Skill. Again, who knows.

            I would have to say that, as far as keeping American jobs, by buying American-----we've lost the battle! There are so few products made in the USA----indeed, try and buy an American TV, leather goods or a set of Christmas lights! On many goods, I'm finding it extremely hard to buy something NOT made in China!


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              Yes, we've already lost the battle. What people should see is that they need to change and become educated in a different field. As far as I know, the service industry will always be growing. As long as the population increases, there will be more need for contractors and other service specialists of all types. Remember, the programmers from India can't set the new fiber optic cable in the building in texas. Someone in the US has to do it.

              Sorry to veer off topic on this one.


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                Jimmy62, the only Ridgid tool/machines that appear to have been assembled in the USA are the table saws, and those from a great number of Taiwanese components. Take a look at the labels, you're about 25 years too late!

                Good to know that the new tools will come from the same neck of the woods as the old ones, so there's no need to get upset!

                As for jobs for your children, get them into Law or Medicine, there'll always be a need for these guys.



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                  Take it from an out of work for 2 years computer programmer, the more programming, customer phone support and customer service is transferred to india and ireland, the fewer contractors and other service pro's will be needed. A room with 100 phone support people needs 100+ computers and the required cabling.
                  Eventually someone will figure out how to do law and medicine from india also.


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                    Don't forget the jobs from the US going to Canada and the Philipines. Last year the company I was working for, opened up customer service shops (opened 3 locations) in Canada. Once up and running they shut us down and a couple other shops in the US down. Then a few months later, they opened up another customer service center in the Philipines. What I also found out was that they had a last year opened a location in India also. What I don't get is why Canada. They can't be saving that much by going north of the border.


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                      Definitely not trying to be smug, but when you read that A recent survey of 145 U.S. companies by consultant Forrester Research found that 88 percent of the firms that look overseas for services claimed to get better value for their money offshore than from U.S. providers, while 71 percent said offshore workers did better quality work., you have to wonder if you had better not change personal employment tactics.

                      Companies don't just say these things to be mean. They do what they need to do, to survive. Their stockholders demand it, and their stock might be in your retirement portfolio (including 401Ks and union pensions).


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                        As you said, they do what they need to do for the stockholder. If they weren't satisified, do you really think that they would want the stockholders to know that they just made these massive changes and the quality didn't stay the same, or even got worse? I would be very surprised to see a single large company admit to their shareholders that they made a big mistake. It would be bad for the stock price, bad for confidence in management,etc.


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                          Maybe a good suggestion for the Ridgid site would be to start putting free plans on the forum. Because when a discussion of global economics and American companies who make a FINANCIALLY feasible decision to outsource production to increase profit margin and be more competitively priced encompasses a discussion with 40 or more replies, none of us really have much going on these days (myself included).

                          It's probably discouraging for many patriotic folks, and I, myself, love and have served my country. However, the fact of the matter is money is money and private business exists only for the welfare of those invested in it. Welfare is gauged by sales and that means money changes hands. Now where I think this must be scrutinzed is in the ethics of providing a fair price for quality products. I don't think it's as prudent to question where they come from simply because it is outsourced. Realizing this, everyone is entitled to buy from whoever they want. But before we point fingers at companies in a perceived lack of patriotism for manufacturing or using foreign labor and products, we definitely should scrutinize what product they are providing for the money they are asking. I see nothing in the Spirit of Brotherhood by paying an overinflated price for a lesser quality product. This doesn't do my family or anyone else's family any good.

                          Mark's post above is interesting indeed because as pure tool enthusiast, but also cost driven, the swing to using foreign labor is consistent with getting more for our dollar. As much as I hate to see people lose their jobs to the competition of someone doing a better job at a lesser price and the number of jobs lost, that doesn't mean opportunity has left the country, it just evolves. I think Mike said it with the cable still needs to be installed. Besides, my aspirations for my children don't lie in the lost job itself, but rather the ability to adapt to what has always been an evolving economic climate.

                          It might upset people this whole Ridgid / Ryobi thing, but if it does mirror other similar home enthusiast/serious WWer companies, than your Ridgid products should continue to have the life one's built under the old regime put out. I own Bosch, DeWalt, PC, Ridgid and Ryobi (Forgive me Father, for I have sinned, it's been several months since I bought that 12" drill press ) and I'm not anticipating their replacement anytime soon. While the warranty isn't there, the quality should remain. If it isn't, a "free" economic climate will ensure that you get the best value for your dollar, it just may not be with Ridgid.

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                            I live in Garden City, Mi (a western suburb of Detroit), and I can visit any one of four HDs in just a few minutes. And I do.
                            Not one of these stores have Ridgid tools displayed well. They are positioned such that you can't look closely at them. They are assembled poorly, and are filthy at two of the stores. I have also had the experience that many other folks in this forum have discribed: When I dicided that I absolutely was going to buy the oscilating belt sander I had to find it myself, in the third store I went to!! (A pallet of about half a dozen was on the high rack above the ceiling tiles display.)
                            I will not buy another Ridgid WW tool, no matter where it's built, if I have to deal with a Home Depot!
                            If it seems too good to be true; <i>raise your standards.</i>


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                              Mark, I would love the opportunity to do "better quality work", but over 400,000 information technology jobs have left California(according to the L.A. Times) since the beginning of 2002. I am struggling to find any work that pays enough to live here. I am 41 and most employers I have interviewed with consider me too old or overqualified, and this is for jobs paying less than 30k a year. I used to make over 80k but those jobs will never return. Me and my wife have american cars and we buy american when possible, unfortunately most people will not realize the disaster they are contributing to(until they can't find work) by buying foreign made products when an equal or better american product is available at a good price. The major media will never highlight this since they are generally anti-american.
                              I apologize if this is starting to get off topic, but I needed to get this off my chest.


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                                Originally posted by rafael:
                                ...but over 400,000 information technology jobs have left California(according to the L.A. Times) since the beginning of 2002. I am struggling to find any work that pays enough to live here. ...
                                Speaking as a senior Systems Engineer and Software Consultant, there are plenty of programming jobs available around the country. I don't know what your qualifications are but you certainly aren't too old. I don't want to anger a fellow woodworker (please don't take this the wrong way) and I know that you said you want to live there but if you want to work in that field then you need to do what you have to do. Get up, move off the "left coast" and go where the work is. High tech software development jobs aren't leaving the country that I can see. They may leaving California for various reasons but there are plenty to be found in the USA.

                                Just a helpful suggestion. [img]smile.gif[/img]

                                And I too apologize for getting off topic.

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