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    Originally posted by rafael:
    we buy american when possible, unfortunately most people will not realize the disaster they are contributing to(until they can't find work) by buying foreign made products when an equal or better american product is available at a good price.
    rafael, I feel for you, and I was quoting an opinion poll of industry, not stating my own thoughts on the American worker.

    Discerning tool shoppers (i.e., those who read all the labels and stuff) have known they weren't buying "American" for a long time, including those of Ridgid.

    The US tax code has as much to do with the flight of jobs overseas, as productivity. It isn't just the workers who make producing here overpriced.

    Anyway, the source of woodworking and other power tools has long since been settled. The threats about "buying American" are empty- there's nothing else to buy. There are reasons for that and we can't control them. We can't make the world small or simple again, unless you go Neanderthal, which is cutting off nose to spite face.

    You can't punish Ridgid for doing what everyone else has already done. Too much has been made of this, and not enough of the fate of the "old" tools and parts and warranty.

    If we want to get all macrocosmic, we should be preparing the kids for engineering and programming and other tech jobs (which continue to be growth employment sectors, despite California's self-inflicted wounds), and not training them to ***** about good old days that they don't remember and which won't do them any good, anyway. And we should cut corporate taxes, and offer incentives for those who invest in automation to keep manufacturing at home. Corporations R Us, in all senses of the words, whether we realize it or not. Asia has.

    And so forth.


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      Well put.
      You have to "Go with the Flow", as we have no choice. Buy American? There's no such thing anymore. And it's not a recent development.My 1946 Willys CJ2A has a dashboard full of imported gages. How much more American can you get than a 1946 Jeep? Didn't the War just end?
      Younger Parents would do well to outfit there kids for the future.
      I see it everyday. At Caterpillar, which is the most basic, moving freight-moving dirt company,the computer skills required to work on these machines seems to double every year. (Side note-Cat just licensed there clothing line to a overseas supplier).
      It's one world today.
      As for California's problems and Joe(Gray)Davis, one word summs it up....Recall.
      Rob Johnson
      Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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        Sure Job Bets For the Future

        Tell your kids/grandkids to go to Vo-Tech school. With all the programmers and economists around, no one will know how to fix your A/C or plumbing, or electrical service, or automobile, or any home maintenance. And you certainly won't call India or Tiawan for a plumber to come to the house. Look at what they are making now and interoplate what they will make in the future when the demand grows.



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          Originally posted by gator:
          Sure Job Bets For the Future

          ... no one will know how to fix your ... automobile....

          I don't know about you Gator, but I *ALREADY* can't find anyone to fix my American made car!

          If the mechanics around here can't get a "computer" to tell them the problem, they're helpless ! I don't care what kind of "certification" that they have, they just can't do it. I haven't had a decent American made car that was built after the 70's and many of the ones built in the mid to late 70's weren't all that great. For the first time I'm considering doing what I and my family historically would have NEVER done and that is buy imported. The prices keep going up and the quality keeps going down. And if I do decide to buy an imported automobile, I don't think I want an overseas brand that was assembled here either. Not sure they're much better. I want something that came off a ship in one whole piece from one of those countries that I'm not too particularly fond of at the moment.

          I'm not going to turn my back on Ridgid for going overseas. You get different quality merchandise from overseas just as you do here. But I will wait and see what kind of experience other people have with the new stuff to see how the quality goes before I buy anything else from them. They simply will have to earn the trust of the market again.


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            American made products may contain many foreign parts, but at least they're assembled here and that provides decent jobs for your freinds and neighbors.
            As for ridgid, they made good quality, good priced woodworking tools in the US. The profit was low, not because of production cost, but because of their idiotic relationship with HD and poor management. I rarely go into an HD without seeing a Hilti rep maintaining the Hilti display and talking to customers and demoing Hilti products. As far as I can tell ridgid has no reps. Making ridgid overseas will not increase sales! If they could make them on the moon for 99% less and HD did not display or merchandise them properly, they still will not sell. Basic things like doing woodworking shows and internet sales would increase business.
            Incra will be doing the orange county fair this year, it is not a woodworking show, that is a bit innovative and will increase sales. To buy incra locally I have to travel about 60 miles(2 hours in L.A. time) or I can buy it on the internet.To buy ridgid I drive 20 minutes to HD and spend 2 hours having their help(an oxymoron) find it in stock. I have actually had an HD that said their computer said they had 20 tablesaws in stock but they didn't know where they were.


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              I wonder if any HD people have a clue as to how much HD is getting bashed on the web. All retail chains have locations where the employees are just idiots but HD seems to be taking more shelling than others. I have had really great experiences with HD here where I live but the Lowe's stores make me want to scream.

              I purchased an Incra miter guage at a show recently but I haven't had the opportunity to really put it to work. No one sells Incra locally. I tried to order a catalog and their demo tape off their web site. They sent me the auto reply saying "your new catalog and tape was on its way!" I never saw it and they have ignored me when I contacted them to ask where it was. I was thinking about purchasing their fancy drill press table (so I would have one less thing to build to get on with my projects) but I think I'll go back to my original plan to build my own. So if you see an Incra rep soon, tell him/her to send out catalogs when people request them! [img]smile.gif[/img]

              [ 07-11-2003, 11:31 AM: Message edited by: George ]


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                I haven't found to much stuff made in the US. Like I said before I have two Ford PU's - They were made in Mexico. To get parts for them you HAVE TO KNOW THE MONTH THEY WERE BORN plus the year. My '95 has a 5speed in it and that is a junk Mazda Trans. I tend to agree the next vehicle will be an import (Tundra?). H### my new saw is an import (Jet). As far as demo's are concerned I got an invite to a Shop Smith demo at Lowe's a while back, and while a Shop Smith does not trip my trigger, I have to say I was really impressed with the demo the Factory Guys put on. Why can't Ridgid do things like that - I stood there and watched them sell 3 Shop Smiths that quick - couldn't Ridgid do that, their products are just as good if not better! I think Ridgid and the Big Box just want to blame each other for their own stupid non-performance.... Rick - If they want to get me for that statement I'll just introduce them to my new Jet that replaced the Ridgid I was looking at.


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                  When I was in the market to lease a car, I compared american made cars and imports. I really liked the big american SUVs but I could not find a lease payment I could afford. When I asked the dealership why can I get lower lease payments on an import that cost more, he told me that american cars are not as well made and do not retain their value so they had to charge higer payments because the residual value was nowhere what an import would be. This was a GMC dealership. How sad is that?


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                    George, I always contact woodpecks for Incra support and info, they are freindly and helpful 800-752-0725.
                    Maurice, the gmc salesman who told you that about leases is either a poor salesman or a fool; leases are negotiable, extremely negotiable. The lease price they tell you up front is the most profitable for the dealer and leasing company. You can negotiate the interest rate and the residual value. The higher the residual value, the lower the lease payment, however, if you want to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease then the higher residual hurts you.


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                      The higher the residual value, the lower the lease payment, however, if you want to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease then the higher residual hurts you.

                      Um......yeah. No one is going to offer a closed-end lease with a residual higher than they expect the vehicle will be worth. If they would, I would ask for a residual $15 less than sticker and give the car back at the end.

                      Cars with historically higher resale certainly have lower lease payments. Check the payments on a $45,000 Mercedes and a $45,000 Navigator.



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                        I went to Home Depot today to get some wood for a patio I'm building and can tell you that the wood at HD is junk (knots, chipped, wet and moldy)! While I was there, I noticed that the Skil Circular saw box said it was "Made in USA." Since I needed a new circular saw and this was made here, I picked it up. I know there's proberbly lots, if not all parts made over seas, but atleast it keeps some assembly jobs here. It might also be a cheap saw but I don't and won't be using it much and I felt it was better to get a saw made here then a something else like a Craftsman in the same price range made outside the US. BTW, I ended up going to Lowes to get wood. It was the same price and compared to HD's wood, it was like gold. I also found out that the service at Lowes is much better. At HD, the associates just looked at me and stood around talking to each other. At Lowes, when the guy saw me going thru the wood, he came over to help me find the better pieces. Then another guy came to help. Wahoo, they went thru stacks of wood for me. Then when I didn't have enough good wood from what they went thru, they blocked off the area and got a fork lift to get another stack from the top of the racks. Now that's service. I only wish now that they open a Lowes closer by. I've got 2 HD's within a 4 mile radius, but Lowes is a good 15 miles away.

                        - Dae


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                          American made cars have lower trade in values in the last several years because of all the rebates and incentives being offered. the rebates don't reflect on the quality of the car, but rather the need for a company to keep it's American workers employed. if you think about it, the $2K discount that your getting when new will lower the resale by about that much. So, when you go turn in that car, it seems like the import hold it's value better.

                          You've found an exception IMO. All the Lowes around me consistantly have worse looking lumber than HD. What really gets me is when they can sell a twisted and very knotty board and call it #1 grade prime (like they're talking beef)


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                            The bottom line is GREED, the companies like Ridgid want not just a piece of the pie they want it all. I work in manufacturing (chemical plant) every year we loose more and more benifits. Yet the top officers of the corporation get paid millions. I agree that times are changing from manufacturing to service jobs. But look at the pay people get compared to what the good old union manufacturing jobs that are leaving payed. The bottom line is the goverment wants two classes of people the upper rich class and the poor class. And when are children are running fiber optic cable in that Texas office for $12.00 per hour they won't have to worry about which table saw they want...they will be to concerned with wanting to eat!!! I buy American made or assembled products to insure American jobs.I am not a union person I am a salary person...with a degree in electrical engineering. Keep in mind these union manufacturing jobs elevate a certain standard of living that is leaving this country and thats not good for any one.And the people that say they can't find American products are using that for a excuse...look on the intranet.....there are clothes, cars, elcctronic products, food all kinds of stuff made here, but you have to get out of Walmart to find them. I think the stockholders and the corporate execs have stuffed there pockets long enough thats start looking out for us the American worker buy spending a couple more bucks on products to keep our jobs here.

                            KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND SMILE!!!


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                              Originally posted by Jimmy62:
                              The bottom line is GREED...{snip} a certain standard of living that is leaving this country and thats not good for any one... (cut) looking out for us the American worker
                              The irony is that you're accusing the corp of looking out for its own interest, when you think they should be looking out for yours.

                              Just different sides (and maybe scales) of the greed coin, wouldn't you say?

                              As for the "government" wanting two classes, rich and poor... this axe is too blunt for me to grind.

                              If you are really able find logic to support that, why wouldn't the "government" want just one class... the rich?

                              (Actually, they do. That's why our system allows the average guy more chances to get rich[er] by working smarter, or working his a$$ off, than any other system in the world. Or do our boatloads of American refugees trying to get into Cuba, England, China, and elsewhere, convince you otherwise?)

                              Corporate criminals suck and should be prosecuted, fined, and/or imprisoned. And they are... probably not often enough, but neither are car thieves and drug dealers.

                              Here's a story: At our beloved HD , I saw a display for "US Made" American flags. Most of you probably saw the same set, with aluminum pole and plastic eagle. It was the only US made flag in the store at the time.

                              I impulse-bought it and put it up. I was ashamed before I got down off the ladder. It is the worst POS I could imagine, an insult to every American, especially those who have seen combat to keep that flag up. In three months the cheap polyester thing turned orange, started disintegrating, and the plastic tie wraps that hold the flag to the pole began poking holes in the flag itself with the wind.

                              The only reason they sold pallets of that flagrag is because of the Made in USA on the box at the checkout counter. Buying it for that reason, subsidized cr@p.

                              Caveat emptor, my fault for going bottom dollar, I guess (you actually have to research an American flag purchase?). But if you keep buying, say, Oldsmobiles because they're American, instead of because they're the best value, then we are doomed in the world economy that you seem to think our "government" invented to eliminate the middle class.


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                                Greed,or something similar, is the reason. But me and many other folks here know that ridgid did a poor job of marketing and merchandising. Like I said before, no matter where they make their products they still will not sell well if nothing else changes. My guess is nothing else will change until management is changed. Even ryobi can be found outside of HD, not much, but some. Say what you want about ryobi tools, but the management knows how to get stuff sold.