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  • sawing myrtle

    I have a Ridgid miter saw model MS 1050 10", 5200 rpm, with a 40 tooth blade. 10 yrs old but used sparingly. Recently I have tried cutting myrtle blocks. The garage fills with smoke. On one deeper cut the block of myrtle in essence grabbed back on the blade, really tough to pull off.
    Is it the blade, the wood ???

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    Re: sawing myrtle

    Please don't be offended, but is the blade installed backward?

    Is the smoke coming from the myrtle or the saw motor? How big are the blocks?


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      Re: sawing myrtle

      No offense taken. If I knew it all, would not be asking.
      I am sure that the blade is in correctly. As a matter of fact, I have not taken it off since I got the machine...and it cuts very well, even lesser challenges in myrtle.
      The smoke does come from the cut.
      The biggest block I tried was a 4 x 8" piece from which I wanted a slice. Figured I could cut part way in from one side, flip it over and so on, finally maybe using a handsaw to finish it...which is what I wound up doing.


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        Re: sawing myrtle

        Your blade is dull (or might need a good cleaning) and the wood has some stress in it that is causing it to close up as you cut.
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