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    This would be a question more suited for Ridgid, but does anyone know of plans by Ridgid to put solid cast extensions on their saw. I am in the market for a new saw and would prefer to buy a Ridgid but I don't want the web type or the stamped steel ones.

    Come on Ridgid, I would be instantly sold if it were not for those extensions.

    A HD rep told me that they would be coming out with them.

    [ 08-23-2002, 03:23 PM: Message edited by: kenb ]

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    KenB---you actually believed a HD rep

    Haven't heard a thing about solid cast iron wings---Jake would certainly know. While I can understand not wanting steel---the webbed wings have been more help than hinderence, for my saw use.


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      I haven’t heard anything about Rigid coming out with solid cast wings but I can comment on the current web style. When I was researching saws this spring and I first saw the Rigid, my initial thought was: This company will stop at nothing in order to advertise their saw as having top quality features, when indeed they have these web looking wings instead of solid cast iron. People in this forum touted their ease in mounting feather boards and such and I just assumed they were trying to justify their purchase of this saw. I purchased the 2424 a couple months ago and have laid a lot of heavy oak posts on these wings and they are as straight and solid as the day I assembled the saw. As far as concerns about getting fingers caught, I believe you would have to be part Neanderthal to accomplish that trick. And much to my surprise, I agree completely with the other individuals concerning the ease of mounting accessories, I would sincerely miss these if I were to use a saw with solid wings. If the saw meets your other requirements I wouldn’t let the wings stop you from making the purchase.


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        How foolish of me You're right. I posed this question to the rep around the time I first started dealing with HD. But since then I have grown in my wisdom and realized just how much help they are NOT !

        I never thought about the ease of mounting accessories part; good point though; I might have to go and take another look.

        Thanks guy's



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          Ken---believing a HD rep is like believing a used car salesperson, except the HD rep doesn't have any evil intent

          I've had my webbed-wing Craftsman/Emerson for 13 years. For the life of me, I have no idea how someone gets their fingers caught in them.

          As to clamping, the head of a 12" Quickclamp just fits through and is perfect. Also is nice for clamping wood for using my jig saw or biscuit cutter, when the workbench is full.

          I think about the worst problem is that if you go to set your tape measure on a webbed wing---tends to fall through


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            There are no plans to go with closed wings at the time. It has been my experience that the people who dislike webbed extensions are not the ones who own a saw with such pieces. I think you'll find the opening next to the table to be very helpful.



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              Not having a TS3612, yet, how do the web wings impact vibration? I understand that heavy wings dampen vibration so is there more with the TS3612?

              PS. How about those zero clearance for the TS2400?



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                I have found two additional uses for the web wings on my new TS3612.

                First, a scrap of 1/4 inch plywood about 3 by 18 inches with a couple notches in the bottom fits below the surface of the table on the web, and becomes a handy push block - so convenient that I even use it when I might not fetch a fancy block.
                |................................................. .........|
                |................................................. ...____|

                (Posting changed to fix the diagram above - different spacing spoiled it!)

                Second, some scraps of wood cut to squeeze-fit provides a bottom to a few web openings. This becomes a very convenient holder for pencils and measuring tape "built in" just below the surface of the table.

                For a saw that has to be pushed aside each time it is used in my garage, I'm glad it isn't a lot heavier.

                [ 08-27-2002, 08:24 AM: Message edited by: Charlie P ]


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                  Michael--vibration, possibly increased by the webbed wings, is really a non-issue. If you get the saw, and pick up one of the wings---you'll see what I mean. . Obviously, with steel wings, you might get some noticable vibration---

                  However, that said, I believe Rigid greatly reduced vibration, at the source (the drive mechanism), by an improved belt and machined pulleys.

                  Personally, I like the webbed wings and am glad Rigid still offers the pair---many manufacturers are now only offering one cast iron wing and the other being laminent.


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                    I agree with those who say that those who have saws with the webbed wings love them. I'm one of them.

                    As for vibration, try this test. Obtain one each of the Ridgid webbed wings and someone else's solid cast iron wings. Take off both of your shoes and socks. Drop one wing on your right foot and the other on your left foot. If you can truly say you can tell the difference, worry about vibration. After the casts come off.


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                      LOL. [img]smile.gif[/img]

                      I guess my vibration question is moot. My feet thank you in advance.