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  • What Plunge Router To Buy

    Im in the market for a new router. Im looking for a 2+ HP and I was wondering if any one has any advice on what brand to buy. I've read a lot of reviews on Porter-Cables new 2HP router model #97529 mostly bad. As well as reviews on Makitas 3 1/4 HP modle #3612C mostly good. The other brands were a mix of good and bad. Most of the reviews were on If any has any input they would like to share I will be greatful. I'll be using the router both free had and with a router table. The only brand I would not buy is Ryobi I've had to many bad experence with them. Thank for your help
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    This is definitly out of my relm of experience. I'd love to hear anyone else's comments



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      Daniel, for advice from a real expert go here:

      This site is full of good info on routers. Pat has written a number of books and knows his stuff.

      FWIW I have a big Freud 3 1/4 hp permanently table mounted, A DW 621 2 hp plunger and an old Craftsman that I manily use for edge treatments since it is nice and light and easy to handle.


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        I have the big 3.25 hp Hitachi plunge router. I think the model number is M12V but I'm not sure. It works great but I havent used it for plunge much yet. Its very stable, has a great chuck lock built in so you dont have to use two wrenches and it comes with the edge guide and micro adjust knob. Hope this little bit helps. Its not too loud either which was suprising.


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          As far as plunge routers go, you might want to check out the DeWalt 3+ horse power plunge router. The use it on "The Router Workshop" and seem to like it.
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