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rough cut lumber source in Dallas??

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  • rough cut lumber source in Dallas??

    Do any of you know of a place in Dallas that sells rough cut lumber/hardwood?


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    Check with Bee Lumber in Melissa or Austin Hardwoods near 635 and 35.

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        Austin Hardwoods on Mathis(sp?), Luna Road & Royal, just South of 635, phone 972-241-4777, just about any species you want in any thickness, rough or s2s.

        WoodCraft, Marsh & Spring Valley. No rough HWs, but sometimes decent prices on s2s. I buy from the one in Fort Worth and they generally have better prices on Lyptus and Purpleheart than Austin, which is my standard for comparison.

        Also just discovered (suprisingly, since it's in my neck of the woods) Barney Robinson Hardwoods in Fort Worth, 800-559-9633. Not as great a selection as Austin, but outstanding prices on common grade and shorts.

        Hogan Hardwoods, Grand Prarie and Mansfield. Haven't bought from them, but they have lots of woods and decent prices from my phone conversations.

        Curly Woods in McKinney. I've never checked them out, but folks over at the SawMill Creek board speak very highly of them. I believe they have a website, but not sure of the URL.

        Those are all the ones I know of that sell retail and have a minimum of 1 board. Most, if not all, will let you cull through stacks and pick out a single board, but be nice and restack. Remember that dealers like Hogan, Austin, and Barney Robinson make their living selling large volume to commercial customers. Allowing home WW hacks come in and cull through stacks of HW is mostly a courtesy on their part that gives us access to lots of hardwoods at great prices, so be courteous and observe some rules lest we screw it up for all:

        1. Be careful and try not to get in the way of the guys who are moving 100s of BF of lumber for commerical accounts. They're incurring a huge liability (possibly violating terms of their liability insurance) by letting non-employees into into their warehouse/yard. All it takes is 1 suit by an idiot tipping a load of 8/4 on himself, and this source is gone to us all.

        2. Don't dig too deep into a stack (2 or 3 layers at most) without asking, and always restack.

        3. Don't cut or mark without permission. Some folks carry a block plane to expose grain on rough lumber and a crayon to mark boards. Most dealers won't care, but always ask first.


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          Curly Woods is fantastic if you are looking for highly figured or exotic wood. Check them out at

          Nice folks that really care about wood and they keep lots of small pieces for pen turners and nice maple billets for guitar makers.

          I usually go dig thru the bins there every couple of weeks. I rarely leave without a simply beautiful piece of wood.