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Lathes??? WL-1200 OR JET-1236

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  • Lathes??? WL-1200 OR JET-1236

    Anyone one have anything good or bad to say about either of these 2 machines?...want to give turning a try and with hopes of bowl turning in the future...thanks

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    First let me tell you I do have the RIDGID lathe but it’s the older gray box version, which IMO is the same as the new one with minor changes apart from the obvious orange color. Before I bought this lathe I met a TTI rep in HD who told me that they weren’t going to produce anymore lathe because they wasn’t selling I was quite surprise when I click on the link and there it was.

    Anyway IMO the Lathe Is poorly made, and this might be an isolated case but, In the box there are two pieces of 1inch MDF that you mount on the stand to mount the lathe none of the holes was lined up properly I had to drill all new holes. The tubular bed can become a problem when sliding the tool rest stand and the tailstock; you have to push on them on the bottom closer to the tub. Also electronic VS is very important which the RIDGID doesn’t have to change the speed you have to open the pulley cover and climb the belt on the head stock pulley and motor pulley for desired speed which can be very cumbersome. The only reason I bought this lathe was the price $75.00 on clearance.

    The Jet has a solid CI bed so the tail stock and tool rest slid better ¾ HP to RIDGID ½ It also comes with the full face shield, It does have a better speed control but not as good as electronic VSC and as a novice you need something that you can start out with low speeds to get the feel. If you ask any seasoned woodworker they will tell you that turning can be fun but you need to be aware of the dangers that come with starting out (didn’t mean to scare you).

    IMO I think you should get the jet, if your budget permits, shop around for one with electronic VSC.

    Happy turning [img]smile.gif[/img]