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Jake, Ryobi now has certain tools available only @ HD

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  • Jake, Ryobi now has certain tools available only @ HD

    I also noticed that HD carries way more Ryobi tools than they do Ridgid...

    Any input on this? Is HD increasing their relationship with Ryobi at the cost of their relationship with Ridgid?

    I love my TS-2400 and was considering some of the other Ridgid tools.

    Unfortunately, lack of an in store demo coupled with all this talk about HD not having parts, etc for Ridgid and lastly seeing Ryobi Products taking over the shelf space (stores in the San Jose CA area) prevent's me from buying Ridgid products without first considering the Ryobi alernative.

    Lets not forget the price differential...

    I already own a Ryobi Band Saw (granted no comparable units are avaible from Ridgid), their scroll saw, and their 4" angle grinder.

    I'm obviously not a Ridgid zealot, but I am a concerned consumer.

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    I'm seeing the samething at my local HD.
    Andy B.


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      I once heard that HD was the exclusive dealer for Ryobi tools. Did a Google search and the only Ryobi that came up was their web site and HD. They do sell their lawn/garden tools at other stores, but at least per Google, HD has the lock!

      What I think is a bit sad is that there is no comparrison between Ryobi and Rigid as far as quality goes. Obviously, HD is catering towards the first-time buyer, not yet into higher quality tools.


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        Originally posted by daveferg:
        What I think is a bit sad is that there is no comparrison between Ryobi and Rigid as far as quality goes. Obviously, HD is catering towards the first-time buyer, not yet into higher quality tools.


        Unfortunately, there are many other options even in the higher end tool lines and the quality sales people to guide you... away from Ridgid!!

        Who is Ridgid targeting with their tools? If it's such a high end tool then why have such a mediocre reseller representing their name?


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          Ryobi sells at Sears and even builds a lot of the Craftsman line so HD has no lock on them.

          They are the industry's loss leader price tools...hard to find cheaper unless you go to HF or Northern.

          They're not bad tools, just not what I'd consider professional grade.
          Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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            Originally posted by KellyC:
            They're not bad tools, just not what I'd consider professional grade.
            I don't disagree, but again I ask if Ridgid's such a top notch tool why have the monkeys at HD represent them?

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              Over the holidays it seamed the HD stores were jam packed with ryobi kits and awesome deals. They moved fast, turnover was high. On paper that is what the corp. wants to see.

              Since the holidays there is not near the Ryobi stuff crowding the isles, and in last few weeks I've noticed Ridgid displays taking the front end of the middle isle in the tool section.

              Though I agree it should fall upon HD to see there is knowledgable staff to market the Ridgid name; at the same time it isn't profitable to educate them for items only selling 1 or 2 a week.
              Compared to Ryobi items where all they have to do is set a stack of kits out and *poof* their gone.

              Take into consideration the condition of the econemy; if you lost your job and took the first job that come along to support your family: Because you didn't know a thing about the market you were hired for, would this now make you a "monkey"? Lets not fault the individual for supporting his/her family by taking a job in a market they know little about.

              Bottom line is...the bottom line. Ryobi has proven on paper to produce fast turn overs and good frofits. Basically because it's very affordable compared to the "Professional" brands.
              I own 10 pieces of Ridgid Machinery, and I also own several Ryobi tools. I'm equally happy with both; for the tasks I purchased them for.

              FFT: Techtronic Industries Co. makes both Ryobi USA and Craftsman cordless drills. In a recent article in PW Mag, they tested 16 12v drills. Ryobi's was at the bottom of the list. Where the Craftsman (made to Craftsman specifications) was near the top, with just a $10.00 price difference.

              And now.....I'm going back to work on my Taxes. Talk about serious disapointments!
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                Agree with Woody---turnover is the name of the game. But, HD stopped having knowledgable employees long before the economy took a dump. I just wonder how other high-ticket items at HD do (lawn tractors, generators, etc.), or if the staff in those departments is more knowing.


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                  I definitely agree that corp want's quick product turnover and since that rarely happens with professional grade tools at HD, I question the reason for the relationship that ridgid has with just HD.

                  It's obvious they don't sell nearly as much as their competitors products (Delta, etc.) & I would assume they would want to improve that and if HD can't do it, I would figure they would look for altneratives. That being said, perhaps that's a little harder than one would think with the number of competitors already being sold by contractor/professional grade retailers.


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                    I agree that it's not the employee's fault that HD doesn't take the time and expense to train him. However, if I were out of a job and needed to work temporarily at a store like HD, I would make it MY responsibility to, on my own time, roam the aisles becoming familiar with product, and learning something about the use of these items. I hope that I would NEVER utter the phrase "I don't know, but if we have something like that it would be over there" (pointing vaguely).

                    If an employee takes some pride in trying to do his work well, I respect him, even if he's not an 'expert'. If he doesn't, then I guess he's a 'monkey'.

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