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    what are the benefits of an induction elec. motor and do the motors have brushes installed. Have just purchased the ts3612 and looking into the motor I can not see any brushes.

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    Here a real quick motor lesson:

    There are two basic types of motors used in power tools, universal and induction.

    A universal motor is a brush type motor. They tend to be compact for the amount of power they produce, making them ideal for portable and hand-held tools such as miter saws and belt sanders. These motors are less efficient and nosier than induction motors. They are also higher maintainence due to the need to replace brushes from time to time.

    An induction motor is a brushless motor. These motors are a larger sized motor. They are also quieter and more efficient than a universal motor. This makes them better suited for stationary tools such as table saws and band saws.

    I've made some generalizations, but I believe this should answer your questions.


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      I came across this article recently. It gives a pretty good summary.


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        Thank you Jake and GreenWood. Just what I wanted to know. I have a Delta 36-320 table saw at a ripe old age of 2 years, this saw was bought be me with the intention of a hobbie tool. Today this saw sits in my shop requiring a new motor I think, the old brushes touched the arm. and with an addition of new brushes I am getting a lot of sparks within the motor. I would asume that the motor is shot. I then purchased a TS3612 and that is why I wanted to know the differances in the two types of motors. I think that there is a lesson here.