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Herc-U-Lift for JP0610 Jointer?

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  • Herc-U-Lift for JP0610 Jointer?

    Does anyone know if the Herc-U-Lift PLUS caster system will fit the Ridgid jointer? Ridgid's accessories manual says that this adjustable system will fit other products, including the WL1200 wood lathe. I believe the lathe has been discontinued, but it seems that if the Herc-U-Lift PLUS would fit that, it would fit the jointer.

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    the herc-u-lift plus fits "open leg sets". The jointer innot a open leg set. Besides if you have the wheels inboard it would ne very unstable with the high center of gravity


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      I can tell it does not fit. I had to buy another type that you make up with 2x2's. I purchased it at Rockler.


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        I used castors, fully locking type (both caster and wheel) and it works great



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          Woody made the best one I have ever seen. He post pics and sent out drawing. I do not know if he still checks this board or not.


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            greetings steve! congratulations on your recent purchase - i'm sure you won't be disappointed since i just bought the jointer approximately 3 weeks ago.

            the delta mobile base or the rockler mobile base (basically the delta mobile base with a supposedly "removable" foot pedal that you will NEVER try to remove once you put this animal together!) works incredibly well for the jointer, just make sure that you get some hardwood 2x2's or glue them up from some strips.

            also, i highly recommend getting some kind of a drill guide either the portable cheapy jig that i have which was approximately >$20 or a drill press - hat's off to you if you've got one of these babies.

            happy jointing


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              I put fully locking casters on one side of a piece of 3/4 ply and the jointer on the other side. By doing this, it lifted the machine up to be at a more comfortable working hight.



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                [QUOTE]Originally posted by Sawdust Steve:
                [QB] Does anyone know if the Herc-U-Lift PLUS caster system will fit the Ridgid jointer?

                As others have said the HercuLift+ does not work with the jointer. After seeing Woody's I was inspired to make my own. I don't know how to post pictures in here but if you want to email me I will send you some pictures.