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  • TS2424LS Is it really that good

    I‘ve been contemplating the purchase of a table saw and the Rigid TS2424LS had not made my list of contenders until I recently read a review in Tools of the Trade in which it received a favorable evaluation. Upon further research I discovered this forum in which it receives constant praise. My question I pose to you is: Is this tool really that good or is it just the hands down winner as far as the “most bang for the buck”? I’ve recently purchased several new power tools with the philosophy that that they are of sufficient quality that they should last my lifetime and my skills should not evolve beyond their capabilities. I am all in favor of making this saw my newest tool acquisition considering some of the other saws I am contemplating carry a 50% premium over this model, the savings would go a long way towards purchasing a planner. I would really appreciate any honest opinions on this model, has anyone wished they had spent their money on a competitive product?

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    woodslayer, hey nice handle.
    I posted a few days ago, actually I think it might have been on Woodonline forum about this subject, but I'll repeat the gist of it.

    About 3 to 4 years ago I was given out of the blue a gift, purchased the same day from Home Depot, in it's box, a TS2424. My initial reaction was not as it should have been with a gift like this. It was disappointment that it was'nt a Delta or Jet or other well known names. I was familiar with the Ridgid name, that's all. Well I ripped open the box and was immediately impressed by the way it was packaged and the way the various parts were packaged down to the screws and nuts n bolts etc. Very impressed. Well I have been using it now for some years and give it some harsh demands at times and it's been perfect. The left tilt blade is a bonus. The fence is'nt a 'Biesmeier' but it's perfectly good and very acccurate. About the only thing I would trade it for is a really good cabinet saw and I can't really see the need for that at my level.

    As for the 'Herculift', well that facility is so smooth and easy to operate, the saw will just waltz around with ease. The one that is on my saw is the old model. The new one is foot pedal operated and it just makes you want to put wheels on all your tools (which I did).

    It's real value for your money. That's my 2c worth and if you have any questions I'll be more than pleased to assist.

    Finally you have this forum and the assistance of a moderator, Jake Schnarre (I think I misspelled that) who jumps on any problems immediately and ensures you are satisfied. They can't be faulted.

    Cheers Ivor in Calgary


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      The short answer to your question ("Is it really that good?") is "Yes." With some care, I have used mine as a jointer, and I'll not live long enough to outgrow it.


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        I, personally, think the fact that it is the most for the money makes it THAT good. I do not think there is another saw out there for this money that you would be as happy with. If you bought the saw that Delta or similar sells for this price, I think all you would have is a name not their best effort.

        The TS2424 runs incredibly smooth, cuts staight and clean, and has a lot of other nice features that make it even more attractive (Hercu-Lift, good fence w/ micro-adjustment, cast extensions, well-designed blade guard, and great service).

        Good luck with your purchase! I struggled with it for about a year before I actually bought my saw. My wife still hasn't let me live that one down


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          I have had an old Craftsman version of this saw for 13 years now. Rigid has made many improvements since that time---indeed the improvements have been very user oriented, as they are similar to what I've done---improved trunnion alignment, beefier stand, better pulleys, improved arbor, etc.

          I would also add that as an added plus, you have this forum, which as much as I like Delta and Jet products, they don't have.

          Now, in all honesty, they have improved the fence, somewhat, but it's no Biesemeyer, but few stock fences are. All I can say is do some shopping on saw prices with upgraded fences, and then, price the cost of later adding Biesemeyer (for example)to the price of the Rigid and compare to saws that include an upgraded fence. Then, don't forget to compare all the added goodies Rigid includes (inserts, herculift, etc). I think you'd find it a good value.


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            In January, I had $1,500 in HD gift certificates and needed a new TS. I researched Jet, Delta, Rigid, Powermatic, and a couple more. Bought the TS2424. More bang for the buck. I even like the stock blade.
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