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Another look alike, are these any good?

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  • Another look alike, are these any good?

    Surfing the net and found this tool company called O'malley tools located in Texas. saw this Jigsaw that looked exactly like my makita . the prices are rediculously low. Has anyone ever seen or have any tools from these guys. I wanted to get the circ saw and router. any input welcome

    Thanks guys

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    Another case of you get what you pay for. Over at the BT3 site a number of people have posted that they bought this jigsaw and came away disappointed. I saw some good reports on their old joiner(PC lookalike) but then they switched to a different model(Makita lookalike) but the verdict is still out on that. These are basically made in China tools and by their price point I'd say they probably fall in the quality range of Harbor Freight tools. Reports on their customer service after the sale has also ranged from excellent to carppy.
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      I've check out the HF router but it pulls a wapping 19 amps. I only have 15 available at the moment.