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Drive belt on TP 1300

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  • Drive belt on TP 1300

    Yesterday, I melted the drive belt on my Ridgid TP 1300. I was surprised to find this belt is made of rubber. I'm really surprised on how difficult it appears replacing this belt will be. Has anyone replaced this part in the past? Am I going to have to take my machine to a service center? I have ordered the part on-line and partially dismantled my machine.As I wait for the part to arrive, I wonder if I bit off too much?

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    Changing out the belt on the TP1300 is not too difficult. The hardest part is slipping the belt between the housing and the motor pulley. It just takes a bit of wiggling and twisting to get it in there. Beyond that its just a matter of slipping the belt over the lower pulley and tensioning.

    Just a quick question, what happened when you burned the belt? Its been my experience that if the machine shuts down in the middle of a cut (ie a breaker blows) and the cutterhead is not cranked up before the breaker is tripped back, starting the planer with the knives in the wood can destroy the belt.



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      Jake, thanks for answering my query. I am ashamed to admit it, but you hit the nail on the head as to how the belt burned up. I have another question. Are the rollers supposed to work independent of the cutter head? Since the belt melted, the rollers have not been working and I noticed they are turned by cain drive. My chains are intact and on their respective sprockets. Will I be O.K.? Also you mentioned "tensioning" the belt. Can you be more specific? Thanks again, Bill N.


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        On the rollers, they have a driven off the cutterhead, so if the cutterhead drive belt has failed, the feed rollers will not turn either.

        Once you get the new belt installed, you will need to tension it by pivoting the motor. On the right side of the cutterhead, just behind where the belt is located, there is a bolt in a small slot. Loosen this bolt and you will be able to pivot the motor up and down. This will allow you to tension the belt.

        There should be instructions included with your replacement belt.