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    Hi Y'all,

    New to this posting site as of today. A quick note for anybody close to Ft. Wayne, IN. The HD's in Ft. Wayne are running a 10% off sale for any military/dependants with a current ID. I'm the Dept. Mgr for Lumber/Bldg. Mats/Millwork at the new store on Lake & Coliseum. Come in and see uss, you can demo ANY Ridgid power tool at just about anytime, especially Saturdays when you bring your kids in for the Kids Workshop events. We'll supply plenty of pine for you to wear out the demos. I think everything except the dust collection system is set up.

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    Wish you were here in Chicago land area. The two stores that I visited have relegated Rigid to a storage area or a means or limiting access to the tool department. I am totally disgusted with HD. As a distributor for a top line product, one would think that more care in merchandising these products would be taken. (Unless it is just another merchandising splash that happened to Dewalt power tools and Genie shop vacs.) I have purchased both at HD and now am having problems finding accesories and replacement parts for either. I hope your merchandising and customer service is better than it is here.


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      Sorry about that. Just for the record, my new store (transferred from Durham, NC)is brand new. Opened in July 17, 01, built from scratch. The new HD's are swinging that way, wide open, with a dedicated area for Ridgid, adn they even have one each of the Delta, DeWalt and Ryobi contractors saw (I hesitate at using the term "contractor" for the Ryobi) set up beside the Ridgids for comparison. Pretty easy to make the sale for a '2424 (sold 1 yesterday personally!) Anyway, sorry about the dilema. Anything from those 2 companies can be special ordered, but if your like me, you want it when you need it, now. Has the hardware dept. tried remote SKU searches to run down the accessories you need? I know from experience Chicago is a "Bear" to get around, but the store should be willing to move the merchandise for you. As far as the tools being inaccesible, many stores have a closed in corral, only one entrance/exit, to help decrease theft. My store is not one of those, but we are losing $2000-$3000 wekly to theft. Mostly due to improper training of the cashiers on how to search things like CABINETS and upside bathtubs. Stupid. HD has recently implemented a "SPI" program, to help customer service, open the aisles, and have better inventory control. Hopefully, things will turn around. If not, drive down US30 a few hours, and I will personally take the time to make your shopping experience pleasureable. Sadly, some of us are just a little more dedicated and serious about our work.



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        FYI I drove 45 miles to a Lowe's today. Found some things that I have been searching for. Thanks for the reply. It's nice to know that people out there still care about customer service. Hard to find around here anymore.


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          Let us know when you are going to transfer to the Boston area, OK?


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            I've got a complaint myself. I was in my local HD here in Georgia and was wanting a dust shield for my Ridgid planner and I was told that they could'nt get it. It was a special order item and I would have to get it from Ridgid..What's up with that?? I also own the 2412 tablesaw and was wanting the hold down acessory for the miter guage to hold wood in place while cutting and they told me the same thing about that. What good is Ridgid products if you have to order acessories from the internet? The display model had one on it so why don't they stock it? Why can't they get it? I put in a complaint to Ridgid but so far I've got no response. I own 4 Ridgid tools and I'm looking for a good bandsaw but I may go elseware to look. Maybe I will have better luck with acessories..Any suggestions???........Donny


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              I think I would complain to Home Depot before I would Ridgid.

              Since it is a "special order" item, they obviously can get the part, right? The company has chosen to not support you, their customer, by not stocking the items you wish to buy. Bet there's a Home Depot District Manager somewhere that would like this feedback.



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                Also sounds like Rigid marketing department better get after HD to resolve their marketing stategies. After visiting a Lowes in 2 differsnt locations, I am quite impressed with their product lines and support, although they do not have Rigid power tools. Maybe Rigid should rethink their marketing alliances!?


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                  At HD, most Dept. Mgrs. rely on a new team called "Inventory Management Associates," or IMA's, to do the ordering. We try to stock at least 5 dust collection attachments for all Ridgids, and 2 each of the other attachments. Leave a note, and put some pressure on the Dept. Mgr. A lot of those people don't really know what they need to carry.