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the $5.00 30 minute R4512 leveling feet mod

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  • the $5.00 30 minute R4512 leveling feet mod

    I dont have a dust collection system, still buying other needed tools. So twice a week I have to pull my saw out, clean under, behind, and inside of it, sometimes 4 times a week depending on how much I am cutting.

    The floor in the area it sits, not perfect, and trying to either remember not to sweep up the shims I made, or re-shim is a total pain.

    So when I had flipped the saw upside down yesterday to do some monthly maintenance and to readjust the TS3650 rails I was standing there scratching my head trying to figure out how to put a leveling system on it when my wife came up with this idea....

    First I went to my local orange store that provides me with all my Ridgid tools , picked up a set of 3/8' metal thread inserts, and 2 sets of bolts, 1" long, and 1 1/2" long (just incase one was to short of to long)
    I cut 4 Oak pieces, drill a hole in them, trimmed them to fit, did a bevel cut on both top/bottom, and inserted the metal threads/bolts. I then put a screw in from the outside of the leg through the extra hole in the leg.

    Now I have 1 1/2" of up/down adjustability, AND I can still use the wheels when I need to move the saw.

    It took me 30 minutes, and cost me $ 5.00 in hardware I did not have.

    Now I can quickly level the saw with a 14mm wrench.
    Heck, I can even raise it another 1/12" if I wanted to.

    Pics attached.

    I submitted this to Wood Mag just to see if they would print it.
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    Re: the $5.00 30 minute R4512 leveling feet mod

    Nice job. I am surprised there are no leveling feet on this saw from the factory.

    An alternative to using a 3/8 HH bolt might be a elevator bolt which has a large
    flat head. You can find rubber feet that will fit snugly over them which would
    give you a nice wide foot in place of the hex head bolt.

    You can also find these in the speciality hardware bins at Lowes or HD, as well
    as ACE Hardware stores. All these places will probably also have swivel leveling feet in
    various sizes including 3/8-16.
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