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Ridgid 13" Planer Maintenance questions...

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  • Ridgid 13" Planer Maintenance questions...

    Ok, once every week, or 2 weeks, or heck, depending on how much use, I clean the blades with a paint brush, and rubbing alcohol.

    However, I have been noticing it is getting harder to raise and lower via the crank, and today, the rollers were slipping.

    So, can I / How do the rollers come out for deep cleaning, and as far as the threaded supports that raise and lower, besides blowing them off, is there a lube i can use to help keep that factory fresh feeling?.

    Also, has anyone....anyone found a way to get this thing to work well with a shop vac, or dust collection/etc without clogging up in anyway?.

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    Re: Ridgid 13" Planer Maintenance questions...

    Planers and jointers produce too many wood chips for a shop vac to work well with them. On the other hand, in most cases, a real dust collector will easily take care of those wood chips.

    I would try some Johnsons Paste Wax on the supports to see if that won't help to keep them working freely.
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      Re: Ridgid 13" Planer Maintenance questions...

      I'm not sure where Ridgid Technical Support would stand on this (but a call to them might clarify that), but I would think that any of the so-called "Dry Lube" products would be helpful. I use a dry-lubricant on my table saw and other tools where lubrication is needed without the dust clogging that would result from oil or grease.

      I use Liquid Wrench Dri Lubricant which I purchased at the local Walmart; but, there are many other brands that are recommended.

      I hope this helps,



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        Re: Ridgid 13" Planer Maintenance questions...

        I've owned the TP1300LS for a few years now and haven't had any issues with raising or lowering the cutter head, at least not yet. But after a lot of use I do have problems with the board getting stuck while trying to feed it through. I'm not sure if it's really necessary to remove the rollers completely but what I do when this happens re-wax the table and just wipe down the rollers with a rag and denatured alcohol. I'm sure most solvents would work. I haven't figured out how to turn the rollers with the planer off so what I do is first make sure it's unplugged and wipe down the exposed part of both rollers. Plug it back it turn it on for a second then unplug again and repeat the process. It takes a little longer with the plugging and unplugging but I'd rather error on the side of caution. Maybe there's an easier way to turn the rollers manually or access them but it's worked for me so far. With all that said, once I complete the wax and rub down it works like new.


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          Re: Ridgid 13" Planer Maintenance questions...

          well....stupid move, but worked....

          had wife at the off button, raised it all the way, turned it on, had a long handled brush soaked in rubbing alcohol, turned it on, set against a roller, done in 20 seconds. they were dirty.

          I use it so much, a twice weekly deep clean is in order...I ran 74 2x4's through it one day, 70 bft of walnut the next, ton of oak, she gets dirty quick.