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  • Deciding on TS3612

    Hello... I discovered your great forum today while researching my first table saw purchase. I look forward to participating in the forum in the future. I have been using a Micromark saw with 3.375" carbide blade - no kidding! It served the purpose but it can't handle anything more than model building jobs.

    So, I am considering buying the TS3612 but was put off by the press bias against TS2424, and the first impression of "junk" due to the dirty, rusted and broken Home Depot displays. I almost bought a Jet Supersaw today, but I feel it is too expensive and heavy for what I really need, and not fully debugged yet. I also prefer to buy American made products when possible, especially when the only alternative is China. I like the lifetime guarantee and all of the thoughtful debugging that has been already done by Ridgid. Plus my father and grandfather both worked for US Motors in 1960s, now owned by Emerson, so I am biased too!

    A couple last questions before I decide for the Ridgid TS3612. You help is really appreciated! TIA

    -Is anybody using the dust collection kit AC1098, is dust pollution a problem with this saw?
    -Is the TS3612 arbor long enough to mount a standard 13/16" dado stack?
    -Emerson motor is not TEFC, it is open frame instead. Any issues over the long term with dust?
    -Does the blade height adjustment have a lock? I read that older TS2412s did not have one.
    -My work will require accurate bevel angle adjustment. I have jigs to measure the angle at the blade, but is such an adjustment easy? Does the blade angle have a lock too?
    -I don't want to have to deal with HD for warrantee claims, can I deal with Ridgid directly if warrantee repair or replacement parts are needed?
    - HD = BORG funny!!

    Thanks again!
    Rich in Raleigh

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    Welcome from the other end of the state!

    You will not go wrong with the TS3612. The 2424 is not a bad saw. The fence is just not as refined as the 3612 and a few other improvements make the 3612 better. That does not make the 2424 bad, especially if you can get a really good deal on one. You can use the search feature and read many good comments on both as well as a few perceived warts. You can also download the Ridgid manual and look it over to help you in your decision making.

    I am sure many of the guys will send in their two cents worth which is what makes this forum great.

    I have used the dust port that came with the 2424 on my 3612 with a shop-vac and it does a fair job but that is a lot to ask. I have a 1100cfm DC that I will hook up later. There are several threads that can give you lots of insight into this matter.

    I have not put my cheap HF stacked dado on yet but I have read/heard that it should work up to the limit.

    I have seen a thread about the motor and recall that it should just require blowing out every now and then.

    The blade height adjustment does not have a lock and there has been much discussion with 99+% saying that it is not necesssary. As the book and good judgement indicate, make your adjustment on the up swing rather than dropping down to it. If you are running an untrue or out of balance blade it might creep ( but you shouldn't do that any way). I have not seen any problem, but I have not done any dado work yet.

    The bevel is very easy to set and does have a good lock. As with most any saw, the use of a good jig should provide better results than any onboard indicator.

    As to warranty, Ridgid is a few keystokes or 800 call away. I believe that all will give thumbs up on this account. There may be some time when you may be able to get support quicker by going to the Big Orange, but that would be your option. They do not stock parts but might be able to exchange something to make you happy.

    Hope this helps. There are some real gurus on here that will be able to help you much more than I.

    Again, Welcome.


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      Rich---do a search under some of your keyword questions---there's been lots of info on this board. Will try and cover a couple of your points that have been discussed for a while---First, I don't own a 3612---have a Craftsman built by Emerson, but do recommend the 3612 because of it being a good solid saw design and for the many extras Rigid has included.

      ---2424 bad press---all I can remember reading was that the fence wasn't the best---a problem solved with the 3612 which has a better fence with larger right cutting capacity.

      ---Dust collection---do search---never used the Rigid one---but I had a long thread on homemade system a while back.

      ---Arbor will handle 13/16" dado.

      ---No blade height adjustment---gearing system doesn't need one---none on mine.

      ---Bevel lock---yes!

      --As to warranty, accessories, etc. you can deal with Rigid directly--thank goodness--

      Now, don't work for Rigid, but accept sales commissions


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        I just bought a TS3612 and really like it. As far as the questions you have I'll answer them as best I can.

        1) I am using the dust collector. It works well with a shop vac. but with a dust collection system it might not work as good. It only has a 2" connection on it and with the reduced vacuum of a dust collector I don't know how it will work.

        2) Yes the arbor is long enought to add the Dado stack I have used mine already.

        3) It is possible to have a problem with dust if you don't use some sort of dust collection, but if you have a shop vac or dust collector hooked up to it, The dust shouldn't be coming out the back of the saw and get all over the motor.

        4) The blade height adjustment doesn't have a lock per se. It does have a tension adjustment to tighten up the friction on the adjustment wheel and that will keep it from moving once you set the blade height.

        5) Blade angle adjustment is easy and there is a positive lock for that axis.

        6) I am pretty sure you can deal with rigid directly for warranty repairs and I know for a fact you can get parts straight from Rigid, because I have bought them before from

        7) I love the fence and the portability of the Herc-u-lift system also. Fit and finish is very nice.

        As far as the junky looking displays in HD. Your saw will look great coming out of the box and it is easy to put together. It takes about 4-5 hrs Don't pay the Borg to assemble it. ($50) You sound like someone that is particular about how your equipment is set up anyway. Bottom line...I Love this saw and don't regret for a minute my purchase.


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          I don't think you'll regret the 3612. I've had mine about three weeks and it is a delight. The setup is easy to understand,(has to be for me).The micro-adjustment for heeling is very nice.
          As far as warranty,I cracked my bladeguard on the first cut,thru my carelessness. I emailed Ridgid expecting to buy a replacement and I had an email the next day asking for my address so they could send me one,no questions asked and no mention of payment.


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            Welcome to the forums Rich!

            The above posts pretty much cover everything you asked. I just want to add that the forums moderator, Jake, is knowledgable person, and can offer detailed help that we might over look in your future needs.

            As you, before purchasing machinery I researched for a few months while building an addition and putting the floor in my shop. There was some old name brands involved, and it boiled down to Ridgid machinery. Affordable, quality, customer support, warrenty. You name it, Ridgid has it. And it's a pleasure to use, and easy to adjust and fine tune. And easy to alter/add onto the saw as well.

            From your discription for the need of a bigger saw, I would say the 3612 will give you decades of excellent service.
            John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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              Thank you all for the quick and thorough responses. I can see that you all take your woodworking and Ridgid tool cheerleading very seriously! [img]tongue.gif[/img] Thanks to the search function and your responses, I am buying my 3612 tomorrow.

              I will order the dust collector and other parts from Ridgid after I get it set up. I have a shop vacuum so that should work good enough. I'll check out the other posts for tips etc...

              I stopped by HD tonight to get a look at the saw. They did not have a TS3612 on display, but all other Ridgid saws were there, although not in very good shape. The guy was helpful after mild prodding and he found 2 in stock.

              Thanks again!
              Rich from Raleigh


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                Just make sure you get two boxes. One has the saw and the other has the rails. Make sure the rails box has the 3612 number on it. They were mismarked and have the 2424 number on it also, but the one you want has the 3612 too.



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                  I also looked at the Jet supersaw and Dewalt equivalent and decided on the Ridgid because I could get the Ridgid with an Incra TS3 fence for the same price as the Jet. As far as the blde lock adjustment, I was concerned as well but as a Mechanical Engineer, I agree with Ridgid that it is not needed with the design they used (though it would be nice as a fail-safe in case parts are loose).

                  For dust collection, I got this link from an earlier post and as far as I am concerned it is a must for dust collection on the 3612. When used with a zero clearance insert and the dust collection chute from Ridgid, my motor hardly gets any dust on it.

                  I made mine from lexan so that I can still see though the back of the TS.



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                    rmacmec, why do you want to look into the back of the TS3612?? Are you a TS voyeuer, what do you see...



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                      Thanks to your good advice and answers to all the questions I had, I bought my TS3612 this morning. Fairly good experience at the second HD I tried. Saw box was on the floor in tool section with the fence box nylon-tied to it. They loaded it onto a cart for me, and loaded it into my car. One salesman even remarked "Great saw..." as I pulled it to check out.
                      Thanks, everyone!