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23 gauge pin nailers

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  • 23 gauge pin nailers

    Have been looking at getting the Porter Cable 23 gauge pin nailer for fine trim work. Has anyone had experience with this tool? I'm wondering if there are issues with driving the pins straight in to anything other than plywood or pine. The idea of securing fine/thin mouldings and trim with more that just glue seems great. Of course the 18 gauge splits most thin stock, but even those sometimes won't drive straight if the grain curves. Of course the length on the 23 guage is only 1/2", 3/4" or 1" so your not going that deep. But $120+ is a lot if it doesn't work that great. Any experience?
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    As long as your only intend for the pins is to have them hold the two pieces of wood together "until the glue dries", I see no reason why it won't work. The pins by themselves, on the other hand, will have little holding power.

    It's interesting that a 23ga pinner costs almost 1/3 again the price of a good quality 18ga brad nailer isn't it. Probably a demand issue but 1/3 seems like alot.
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