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  • Should I....or not?

    I am thinking that I will go by HD on Friday and pick-up the JP0610. I have been saving for another addition to my shop for about 4 months. I literally saved all of my spare change to buy a new tools....$248 worth. I am going to combine it with some HD gift certificates and get the jointer.

    I am also considering a bandsaw or a planer, but I think that a jointer is what I need the most. I want to build several small tables, a bookcase and an adirondack chair. All of the plans that I have require me to glue-up I believe that a jointer is what I need next.

    I am going to add all of them eventually (as the change piles up) so I am really questioning the order of addition. I prefer the ergonomics and finish of the Ridgid vs. the Delta 37-190 sold at Lowes.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    hi jamie
    maybe i missed something but do you have a good table saw if not thats first in my book, as far as the jointer i've got the older model and like it very well some threads say you cant take the fence to < 90 deg but thats never beenan issue for me and i dont know about the new one all in all its a solid tool and the finish is real good just be sure and wax the cast iron with furniture wax or something or it will get the ugliest red you've ever seen . dont be afraid of the planer either mines great [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      I think to determine which item you need to purchase next, has to do with where and how you buy your lumber. If you're buying rough lumber, then you definitely need a jointer and planer. If you are buying it finished at a big box and you have a tablesaw with a good blade, you can probably get the edges tight enough for glue up with it.

      I have the Ridgid jointer, a planer and a bandsaw. Of the 3, I use the planer the most. Gluing 2 boards together requires that they not only be straight, but also that they are flat and the same thickness. The boards I see at the big boxes are rarely flat and many times their thickness is not uniform. You could use a plane or sander to get them uniform, but that can require quite a bit of time and effort. While I don't mind the effort, my shop time is rather limited and I'd much rather run them through the planer.

      This is just my opinion and I'm sure whenever you get the new jointer you'll enjoy it.

      Bob R


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        For what it is worth, I have made a number of table tops, using edge-glued boards (and biscuits). I don't own a jointer, but have made perfect edges with my TS2424.