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Flatten a tabletop

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  • Flatten a tabletop

    I have inherited a nice table (3*6), but the top is not flat and even (beyond the work of a sander). My thought was to hand plane the trouble spots and then sand it smooth. I am fishing for any other suggestions or recommendations before I start to "fix" it?

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    If you have a saw mill in your area they may have a wide drum sander. That is if you can remove the top from the base. The mill in my area will sand glue ups for $5 to $10.


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      You can build a simple jig if you have a router and a surfacing bit. Just build a 2x4 carriage approx. 3-4 ft long, with a second axis perpedicular to it to fit your router. I have plans for one if you like. Dawg [img]smile.gif[/img]
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