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    It may seem silly to ask this, but I was adjusting the extension tables on the Ridgid 13" planer and it seems that A) the tables, even when adjusted per the instructions, are ever so slightly lower than the planer bed, and B) the side edges of the tables are a little lower (due to the bend?), this too is very slight.

    This doesn't appear to be affecting the operation of the planer, but then I've never used one so I have no reference. Have any others noticed this and if so, how has it impacted performance?

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    The difference in the support tables and the main tables is by design for a couple reasons. We try to support the work as far out as possible and at only one point, to make it easier to set up the machine. Also helps in making sure that under no circumstance is the main table below the support table. This would make the machine unusable.

    As far as the flatness across the tables I have not noticed any problems there. Even if the sides were slightly lower this should not effect the support of the work since that should be at the end of the table.