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Ridgid 4512 dado insert plate

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  • Ridgid 4512 dado insert plate

    Has anyone been able to find a dado insert plate for thier 4512, or have you made them from a blank? Thanks for the input.

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    Re: Ridgid 4512 dado insert plate

    Ive made some from mdf, hardboard, 1/2" ply, but not any hardwood yet. Its a pain in my butt, and thats why I havent made anymore yet. I did buy a big cutting board from walmart for 7.00 one day, but havent cut that up yet.

    I have plenty of oak i could use, just being lazy, and i have been playing with the bs alot since i put the riser and fence on it, i do need to make a dozen inserts for the ts soon.

    cut a blank, tape the metal one to it, and use your router table with a flush trim bit on it, then thin it out with the router and drop in place. id like to see these inserts a bit more secure in the hole myself.


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      Re: Ridgid 4512 dado insert plate

      I have been using the 1/4 inch underlayment that is used under linoleum.
      They have two kinds the cheap kind and the expensive one which has more plys to the plywood.I used the later.
      I traced around the metal insert,cut on the bandsaw,marked the holes and drilled the holes.On the top side of the insert I countersunk the holes.
      Then I used the 5 screws to level the metal insert to hold down the wood insert screwed down from the top.
      The insert sits a little high but sanding on the backside levels it out.


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        Re: Ridgid 4512 dado insert plate

        I made 6 out of 1/4 hardboard from HD. I had to set all of the leveling screws to the bottom and then turned them up about 3/4 of one turn. Someone posted this on here and I also added a couple of 1/2" strips between the leveling screws for a more sturdiness. The two that I have used seem to be fine. Thanks all for the information about these. LeeCraft says that it will be a couple of months before they get some made and available for sale.