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  • Stuff for sale...

    Im putting this here, as I think it pertains to this part of the site, sorry if i am wrong.

    I have....

    The R4512 Fence, rails, stamped steel extensions up for grabs. I used the original fence/rails for 3 days before changing to another fence/rail system. There is ZERO damage to these parts at all, dirty yes, damaged no. I used some of the factory bolts, but could manage to dig up all of the bolts needed as if you were putting the saw together for the first time, end caps, etc.

    BS1400 stand..
    Yup, I have an extra bs stand, I immediately put my bs on a rolling cabinet, the steel stand just takes up room i have little of.

    Floor standing drill press
    Chinese knock off drill press, 16 speeds from 200-?? I dont remember, 3/4hp motor, it does run real good, wife bought me a benchtop version for my birthday, and being able to roll that one out of the way is nice, have a table made for it, etc.

    best offer? for the ridgid stuff, 100 for dp.
    I am about 70 miles north of dallas, 30 minutes south of Durant, ill ship if you like, best bet is to email me, it will go straight to my phone.


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    Re: Stuff for sale...

    As you have only been a member here for a couple of months you probably haven't really noticed that members don't really use this site for craigslist type postings. There is no "Classifieds" forum here because members generally don't want one.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.