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Size Of JP0610 Box?

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  • Size Of JP0610 Box?

    Can anyone give me the dimensions for the JP0610 Box? I need to know if I can manage to get it into the car or if I need to make other arrangements. I already got the TS3650 and at that time I had a truck. The geniuses at HD said they had 4 or 5 of the JP in stock when I called about both of them so I hurried up and went to pick them up. Sure enough, they hadn't ever had the JP in stock and they couldn't even order it because it wasn't part of the inventory yet. That was back in early Dec. Now I'm stuck without a truck and want need to pick up the JP soon.

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    I don't own a Ridgid JP but I remember seeing the boxed units in the store just the other day. I'd estimate the box is about 18x24x50". Don't know the weight. Worst case you could rent a truck from HD, my local HD wants $19.95 for the first 75 minutes.


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      I just put mine JP together this weekend. Unless you have a big car I doubt it will fit. Also it is heavy, 200 - 250 as I recall. $20 for the truck might be cheap if it rips up a seat or whatever.
      see ya \'round the bend


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        I picked mine up before I had my truck and it fit in the back seat of a Toyota Camery.