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    I'm taking the complaints I see with a large grain of salt, having just purchased a 3640 for my shop. What I saw and compared gave me good feedback in making my choice. There's alot of meat on this saw and the history of Rigid quality hasn't landed in the dumpster from where I stand.
    No company has a perfect track record. Not when those pesky humans are involved.
    This saw is perfect for the needs of thousands of small shop owners who need the versatility of movement, power ratings, dual voltage and lots of sound steel.


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      As I've stated before, I have numerous Ridgid stationary tools and when the fat dropped in the fire, I leaped from the Orange boat and bought a white Cab. saw instead of the 3612 I wanted. Now don't think I've had any problems whith the tools I have because I haven't. The CS is what spooked me. I think I said at the time that at least with the "orange Paint" everyone would be able to find them in the dark. I am now trying to find a TS3612 or 50 because my Cab.Saw takes up to darned much room. My son want the big saw and I want a Ridgid. - This is to be settled in May. Rick (the Rad. Idealist) Leet


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        OK! I usually shy away from this type of topic but I can't resist this one.
        I've been around long enough to view things from different perspectives and this is no exception. All things change--change can be good or bad depending on circumstances. I will wait to see for myself what these changes do. I don't like the orange either, reminds me of the junk dumped on the market these last few years, but performance will dictate value. The law of averages will necessitate that someone feel that service is not satisfactory. My personal experiences with Jake and Vic have been exceptional. So I will wait & see. Patience has its rewards.

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          Jake Schnare is one of the main reasons I began to buy Ridgid with his CS. I did still buy a TS3650 because the Ryobi(ITI) CS I received was always good too but I must say Jake was the best at Ridgid. I know he is not doing that anymore. I think it is a fact of life that this China thing is not going to change back to US manuf. on a wide scale. I think the quality can be good, but it depends on many variables. I have a friend who is having a steel hull yacht built there, and it was about 1/2 the price @$1mil over US and Canada builders. He went there and was amazed at the quality and worksmanship with the limited tools(power) that they have. The shipyard owner pays $12/hr plus room/board which is very high wages there. The ship has to meet inspection standards. He is an EE and an inventor so he can evaluate the quality. He is using a John Deere engine, that will be sent there.
          In the long run if the Chineese can get disposable income the potential could be much better for the US. in the trade defecit. It seems that depending on what you want to spend and spec. the manuf. can build hi quality if they want to.