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  • HD Deals

    Has anyone seen any clearance on Ridgid tools at HD lately.
    I am in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area in Minnesota. I see that some people have seen clearanced tools like the drill press, jointer and bandsaw but i have seen nothing.


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    Re: HD Deals

    Many of the closeouts you're talking about are individual store managers closeouts not corporate closeouts. If you're not seeing them, and neither am I, then you probably won't.
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      Re: HD Deals


      "Been there, done that", as they say! I also kept reading about all of the "clearances" and "closeouts" all over the country, it seemed... but not in my HD territory (a year, or so ago). Even in downstate NY, a couple of guys were scoring deals on the Ridgid jointer, which I had been drooling over for some time.

      I even went so far as asking both the service desk and store manager's at my two frequented stores. The one in the Corning, NY area hadn't sold a single jointer in over three years, but they weren't about to discount any of the five they had in inventory.

      Down in the Binghamton, NY area, the guy told me, "they'll never be clearanced, we sell those regularly".

      Last September (2010), I walked into the Corning-area store and the jointer was missing from the floor, and a quick check at the service desk told me that they had sold them all! The next day I went to Binghamton and bought one of the three they had in stock, for $350, minus a 10% discount that I asked the sales girl for (and she said, "sure!").

      I guess the point is that you have to keep a very "watchful eye". While I certainly didn't make a big score with regard to some of the prices that I've read about, I must admit that I'm happy... as I at least managed to get one. Finding a Ridgid jointer these days would probably be a rare deed, I think.



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        Re: HD Deals

        I've seen them six months after I bought the same piece of equipment.



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          Re: HD Deals

          Once the Jointer's hit $107, they went like hot cakes (imagine!!). There are still a few Drill Presses and Bandsaws around. Not many tho. Oh yeah, I'm talking about Metro D.C..


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            Re: HD Deals

            Hey I'm here in the Twin Cities too. I haven't noticed any deals out there on any of the big tools.
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              Re: HD Deals

              Last year I got the DW735 planer for $279 at HD after I thought I had missed the clearance sale due to work schedule.

              Called and asked if they had any and they said no, and I even asked the guy to look for me and he still said no, that all they had was the 733 model.

              I went anyway and they had one on the floor with the sales price on it.

              Like the others said you have to stay on top of it and don't take their word that a certain item will never go on sale.