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    About 2 weeks ago, I upgraded to a REAL table saw. I had been using a Makita 8-1/4" benchtop in a Rosseau table for the last 5 years. Went to use it a few weeks ago and the motor hollered snakeeyes. Told my wife that if she really wanted me to finish her picture frames, I would HAVE TO have a new saw.

    I was considering another benchtop, either the DeWalt or Bosch, but I realized that for just a few dollars more, I could have a contractor saw. Since we moved a few years ago, I no longer have to work in the garage. I now have a 20'x30' corner of the basement to call my own.

    I briefly considered a Jet but after reading some testimonials on another web-site and looking at the display at HD (a new store so the display is still looking good), I bought the TS2424.

    Assembly was fairly straight forward. Had a little trouble getting the blade aligned with the miter slot but finally got it perfect. The only problem I had was with the Hercu-Lift installation instructions. I completely tightened the bolts that hold the lift to the legs of the saw and couldn't get enought "lift" to get the legs off the floor. Looked again at the display unit at HD and figured out the error in my ways.

    After years of listening to the whine of the universal motor and feeling the vibration, I just can't believe the joy of working with this new tool. Now the wife is complaining about the noise from the shop-vac and has agreed to a dust collector in the near future.

    Have spent the last 2 weeks making jigs that I could never use before. Crosscut sled, featherboards and a zero clearance insert. My current project is to build an outfeed / router table.

    Had to try the nickel test last night. Actually used a penny -- it fluttered a little bit from the air from the blade but otherwise didn't budge.

    Sorry for the long post, but I am so happy I couldn't help myself.

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    Congrats' on the new saw and also on your new shop location---you lucky dog

    Be sure to periodically do new alignments on blade, fence and miter gauge---not so much because they may be out of alignment---it's great practice---with me, I found that I could get a finer adjustment with subsequent sessions.