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Why can't I find Ridgid tools on Home Depot's online site?

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  • Why can't I find Ridgid tools on Home Depot's online site?

    You'd think that a person could shop for Ridgid tools online, but Home Depot doesn't even have them listed.

    Go figure...

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    You know, of all the tools you can find online, this is the second saddest thing going about Ridgid. The only other one is the displays in the stores and the fact that few HD's have all the tools on display and virtually none of them carry the accessories (except at Christmas when a few are marched out).

    I expect this will change when the contract gets closer to renewal time. HD's get complacent about everything at one time or nother. They are very fickle when it comes to brand loyalty of any kind.

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      >Why can't I find Ridgid tools on Home Depot's online site?

      Because they're idiots!

      Did you know that right now, you could buy a Delta table saw at All 251lbs. of it!

      Here's the link

      I'm begining to think that Home Depot is a French owned company.

      Eastchester, NY


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        I e-mailed home depot the other day about this problem and they don't seem too concerned about Ridgid power tool availability on their website. The same old saying is what I received when I got the reply to my question, "we will consider your idea". Home Depot needs to make the effort to include all Ridgid tools and especially their accessories on their website. If it weren't for the Ridgid website there would be a huge number of people wondering about the Ridgid brand with no explanation of these high quality tools.


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          i love home deopt and ridgid power tools but in my opinion their website is a piece of....well you get the idea. they limit it by zipcode and availability in your area and it is very hard to navigate. the up side is that unless you are in the middle of nowhere a home depot isnt too far away and it is well worth the trip


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            I really don't care for Home Depot's Web Site in general. If I'm shopping on line for something at Home Depot, I could care less what they are willing to ship. If I find something I want, I'm perfectly happy to drive down to one of the half dozen stores near me to get it. The trouble is, most of what they actually carry is not listed on their web store.

            They really need to hire someone who knows something about building a web site interested in selling.


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              Hi guys -

              Here is the the answer that was given to me by HD:
              Hello Allen,

              Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback about our site. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced, and we will pass your comments along to our Internet Team.

              At this time, table saws are not available through our online store. Therefore, pricing and product information is not posted on our website. Home Depot online carries a limited selection of our in-stock products at everyday low prices. The selection is limited to only those products that can be shipped via UPS. We may be adding more product categories to our site in the future.

              If you would like us to check on the availability of an item that is not available through the Online Store, please provide us with the product information. We will be happy to do the research for you. Once we can determine the availability of this item in your nearest store, an associate at the Special Services Desk will be happy to accept your order and answer any questions regarding the stores delivery service.

              If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact us again.



              Since the saw can't not be shipped UPS...they don't offer them online...