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    After much research, discussion on Woodnet and personal shopping, I had narrowed my search for a new table saw to 3 saws: the Ridgid TS2412, the Delta 36-650 and the Craftsman 924820. Yesterday morning I went to 2 Home Depots, 2 Lowes and 2 Sears stores ready to make my decision. The following is a short version of my experience yesterday:
    The two Home Depots really chapped me off BIG TIME! So I'm done with HD. The Lowes reps were very willing and pleasant, but not very knowledgeable. All the Ridgid & Delta demo units, in both HD's & both Lowes' locations, were set up so poorly that you couldn't really tell anything. None of the fences would move freely at all. It took both hands to move them, and they didn't even begin to lock down square. The locking levers on the Ridgids were broken at both HDs. When I asked the HD tool dept. mgr. if he could do a little better on his price for cash, or if they still gave a discount for new credit card application or trade-ins, I was told, "This price is a really great price. Maybe you need to charge more for your services so you can afford the saw." I left ! Like I said above, "I'M DONE WITH HOME DEPOT."

    I ended up buying the Craftsman 924820 package, which is the same saw as the 922839 (Ryobi), but w/ a cast iron left table extension with the router mount kit and a mobile base. At least I know with Sears that I have the option of returning it if I'm not completely satisfied; and we have a great Sears parts and service center here in town. I think if you will take a serious look at this particular saw, I think you will see that it's every bit as good as the Ridgid or the Delta.

    Retailers definitely make a difference. Whoever makes the decisions regarding which retailers carry Ridgid products should reconsider Home Depot as a distributor. They are totally unprofessional in every way.

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    Will anything ever change between Ridgid and Home Depot??? The poor Home Depot service has got me so frazzled that I don't even want to stop anymore... There have been a hundred posts on this forum about poor HD service but nothing ever changes...

    Sorry to rant!!!

    (Edit)Good luck with your new saw... I'm sure it will serve you fine...

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      Oh Ken!! You haven't quite caught onto today's buying methods. You're still of the corner hardware store mentality. Most big tools buyers, use mail order, web, direct from manufacturer etc., Already the product decision has been made. Now it's only a case of where can I buy it for the least amount?

      You decide on a TS2412 from outside of HD. Once the decision is made, it's a matter of where and how to collect this product. You walk in, put your $$ down and walk out. Don't expect or ask for advice, there is none!! Obtaining best buying criteria is down to you...not some cretin in HD or other big box.

      You want WW'ing advice go to Woodcraft or Rockler stores, and pay for it, not Lowes or HD.

      You lost out here, you bought an inferior product because you didn't know how to shop in today's world and I'm sorry for you.


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        What is the part number for the cast iron router table extension on that saw?

        If you can't find it in the owners manual, then what is the part number for the saw eg 315.XXXXXX, then maybe I can look it up online.



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          Well said David. Funny but satisfied people are quiet and the few that are unsatisified always make the noise. When was the last time you saw someone picketing that they were happy?

          I too have had both good and bad experiences with Home Depot, as I have with EVERY other store I have ever been to. Fortunately, I have learned which workers know what they are talking about and which ones don't. For a purchase as important as a table saw, I sought out the knowledgable guy.

          I think David has it right, if you want real knowledgable advice, you have to seek out experts. Last I checked, HD has such a broad product base, I would be amazed if they had an expert in every product. They are also focused on home repair, not necessarily woodworking. For me, if I want advice on making furniture, that's the last place I would go. But when I wanted to buy my tools, I went to several, until I found the unopened box I was looking for, got help putting it on the cart, and I was out of there.

          Now for you Jake - As much as I hat to hear all the HD whining, I still think it would be great if the Ridgid rep would have a scheduled time in each store, so those of us that would like to ask a specific question or two could plan our trip around his visit. HD has those short classes in their stores, how about a Ridgid woodworking session once in a while (once a quarter?). I was lucky enough to encounter the Ridgid rep when I bought the bandsaw, and he made the difference between me walking out (wasn't sure I was ready to buy yet) and ultimately purchasing the saw.

          Another idea would be to have certain HD stores designated "Woodworking Centers" or something where the Ridgid rep could do some training with the HD guys to raise the standard a bit.

          I do think there is a significant opportunity to increase Ridgid sales with only a modest increase in effort.


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            While I understand the frustration with HD's "yuk monkey" mentality, I can't imagine why the setup at HD's would make any difference when you have the opinion of the forum beforehand. We know not to expect great things when we see the saws on display at HD. Like was said before, only a specialty store like Woodcraft will have that.

            I'll be interested to see how long the Craftsman stays in your shop. It's made by Ryobi from what I've been told.

            You missed a great saw and a lifetime warranty, hope it all works out for you.
            Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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              Jerry, those two marketing strategies have been going thru my head over the past couple of weeks, as these HD/Ridgid posts have intensified. I didn't want to bring it up, as I've already been slammed for pursuing topics outside of pure WW'ing on the forum!

              However, since you've brought it forth...designated HD Woodworking Centers and/or a Ridge Tools Rep schedule for every store. Neither would increase expenses of RT, but both would probably result in greater customer satisfaction and an increase in orders. This increased exposure would also result in the relatively unknown brand of Ridgid becoming more exposed to Joe Public, leading to greater awareness and future business.

              Sorry Jake, not telling you guys how to run your business. Just trying to suggest ways for the future that you might consider, to give us, your customers, greater satisfaction! [img]smile.gif[/img]



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                David----agree with you it's pointless to seek advice in a big-box store----However, recent themes in HD ads certainly pale in the face of reality---(they show an amateur DIYer asking for HD's help----taking a sketch and the HD guy knowing exactly the wood/materials he needs---yea, right ).

                But, on the other hand----I've never had the problem at Walmart or Costco, of not being able to locate the merchandise I want. Past posts are rife with stories about buyers craning their necks locating back stock the HD employees can't be bothered finding. Also, I've never seen the layers of dust on display items, at other stores, that I regularly see at HD. I think the real telling difference are the stories of people trying to find the 3612----my two local HDs still don't have one on display after, what, almost a year since introduction?

                I think the idea of a woodworking center is a good one---don't know if it would be better. The HD in Serimonte is called a Contractors' Center or some such thing----did have a bigger tool section.

                Rigid Reps being available for questions is a great idea! I don't know if they could offer demos----they'd spend half of their time fixing mis-aligned display models


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                  Well said Jerry [img]smile.gif[/img]

                  When I was shopping for a TS I ran into the Ridgid rep at HD and he closed the deal. Having the opportunity to meet the rep and ask questions made my decision easy. Then the great service from Ridgid parts online and finding this forum made buying the JP610 a no brainer.


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                    David & Jerry......

                    I am not still of the "Corner hardware store mentality." There are some things that I just choose not to buy mail order. I'm willing to pay a little more to be able to deal with a face and support my local economy. It is really hard to box up something the size of a table saw and ship it back, IF you are able to get authorization to do so. As I said in my original post, I had already done my research and had narrowed the search to the 3 saws that met my needs and, IMO, were equal in both quality and price. I was ready to buy; I was not seeking knowledgeable advise. I was only seeking answers regarding pricing. All tool department managers SHOULD be able to, at least, answer pricing questions without being a smart ***. I understand that box stores can't have EXPERTS on every product. However, it doesn't really matter how broad their product line is; either Ridgid or store personnel should be able to set up a tool so when a customer, with even a little knowledge, looks at the saw, he can at least get a good hands-on feel for how its going to work. If Ridgid is going to sell their tools through retailers, a customer, after doing his homework, should be able to go to the retailer to, at the very least, look at and touch the tool, and expect it to be set up well enough to be able to, at least, determine whether you like the way the fence functions. I know that there are some people that you can't please and like to complain. I am not one of those people. I am not one to complain without cause, but I do believe in expressing my concerns when I have been treated poorly. I am also very good at expressing my appreciation when I am treated fairly. And DAVID, you forgot to mention that it is your OPINION, that I bought an inferior product. And you forgot to mention that it is your OPINION that I don't know how to shop in today's world. And as for you being sorry, I wouldn't go so far as to say that you are SORRY. Maybe a little overbearing and judgemental, but not SORRY. JERRY, I noted in the original post, I already knew the saw is made by RYOBI. I didn't fall off of a turnip truck, and I wasn't born yesterday. I have been a woodworker for over 20 years and I have bought many tools, accessories & supplies through mail order & the web. It was by choice that I bought locally, and it was by choice, through education, that I chose to buy the Craftsman. I'm not saying it is a better saw than the Ridgid or Delta; but it is in every way, EQUAL (IMHO). The only reason I even posted, was to inform Jake of my experience with one of his distributors. I was not seeking your approval or disapproval on my choice of saws. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                      I would assume that it is available as a separate accessory; don't know that for sure. I don't have the information with me here at the office. I will try and remember to get it for you tonight. You might email me a reminder. I just got the saw set up late last night, so I haven't really had the opportunity to mount a router yet, or even use the saw. As I mentioned in the original post, the saw I purchased was a special package that Sears had put together for the holidays. However the saw is the same as the 922839.


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                        How many of the people that visit Home Depot are into reading forums and computering? They don't all have the time or luxury of using this benefit to help make there woodworking power tool choices...

                        There are many people who do go to Home Depot with zero knowledge of a tablesaw and want the sales associate to assist them in there decision making process... I don't believe Home Depot pay's there associates to only stock shelves and pace the isles now do they??? How many sales are walking out the door because of poor displays and lack of service??? Not everyone that shops HD is on this or every other forum to boast of there positive or negative shopping experiance and use this resource... I'm sure there are many people walking out the door with another manufactures product or to another retailer because they didn't find what they were looking at or couldn't get the answers he or she needed that we never hear about...

                        An old saying: "If you can't sell the benefits of a product, then price rules the sale"

                        Just food for thought
                        Regards,<br /><br />Big Johnson<br /><br />Pictures: <a href=\" gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php\" target=\"_blank\"> gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php</a>


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                          All the HD bashing is driving me insane. I don't know how many times I've walked into Lowes and have had poor, no make that terrible customer service. Same goes for Sears, and Sears hardware. About the only place that you'll find consistently good service is at the corner hardware store, where they know if a customer leaves, he'll most likely never be back.

                          When I go into the local Rockler or Woodcraft, the salesmen try to be helpful, bet even they don't know the answer to everything you're going to ask.

                          I visited Woodcraft on Saturday to pick up a new DeWalt planer that they had on sale for $265 after the $50 rebate. As I was ready to make my purchase, the salesman was telling a customer that he could cut a 6x6 in half with the 12" compound mitre saw! And that's at the local wood workers store!! (I have to say that they're normally a great bunch of guys)

                          I remember a few years ago at my HD, they had Ridgid woodworking demos. never attended one because I wasn't in the market for anything. I've noticed that they've stopped the demos, most likely because of lack of interest.

                          Sorry to rant, but I couldn't take it anymore.


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                            For those that are dissatified with HD, suggest they visit the Erie, Pa. store. Good display of most Ridgid machines right out front in the tool dept. Little cramped for space but you are able to touch/evaluate all the features. There are at least 3 knowledgeable and helpfull sales people and at least 2 with shop experience. Maybe this store should be a model? Are their Ridgid sales any better than the klunker stores, I'd bet not significantly??!!
                            Like my HD store/Ridgid line and hope they are here for a long time.