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New (to me) saw TS2412 - no guard

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  • New (to me) saw TS2412 - no guard

    Hello fellow woodworkers

    I bought a 9-10 year old TS2412 0 belt drive table saw last week for $175. It was in good condition except it was missing the blade guard. When I went to pick it up the second time he said he had found it and threw it in the back of the van when I loaded it to take away.

    I didn't bother to check up close but the other day when I was adjusting it all and tweaking I noticed it is not the original guard and is off another saw completely. It doesn't have the pivot piece that connects to the rear of the saw so I am missing both the guard setup, the pivot arm and the pin that allows it to pivot.

    At this point I don't know if I want to spend the money on replacement parts as it would put the saw over $250 so I was wondering if there is a DIY or cheaper alternative? I don't need to have the blade guard but would like to at least have the feather guide and the kickback paws for safety.

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    Re: New (to me) saw TS2412 - no guard

    i have a 2412 and it's a good little saw. you have several options regarding the splitter and anti-kickback pawls. here is how to make a zero clearance insert with an integrated splitter(no anti-kickback pawls, but it does keep dimensional lumber from pinching the blade):

    you could also check craigs list for craftsman 10" table saws with model numbers that start with 113 followed by a period and then 6 numbers (e.g., 113.xxxxxx). those saws were also built by emerson electric as was the 2412. the parts are interchangeable and can be purchased complete for as little as $50. find an old beat up saw with the parts you need and if you can buy it for the right price, you got your parts for a fraction of what they would cost new.

    there's also this recently developed item from the B.O.R.K. store:

    it's not exactly cheap, but the guy who makes them has a good reputation for well built products.

    also, check out the "shark guard":

    again, not cheap but well built and it will get you the splitter, pawls and bade guard, as well as above the table dust collection.
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      Re: New (to me) saw TS2412 - no guard

      This is an opinion,
      In most instances the guards on a table saw, are nearly as dangerous as not having a guard, and the paws will damage your projects, and the guard and splitter is more in the way than it helps,
      ON a construction site doing rough construction, or bulk ripping operation I can see them, but in a shop doing fine wood working (most will be removed any way), because a large number of the cuts one wants to make the guard will have to be removed,

      Watch most any fine wood working show, where is there guard?
      (yes I know they run the disclaimer, Guard has been removed for clarity, now why do they not remove the guard for clarity when using the miter saw, or the jointer? It has not been removed for clarity it has been removed because it is in the way, and more dangerous on may cuts, the simple is they do not use it, but to keep the government and insurance companies happy it was removed for the camera shot),

      guards on most other tools I will agree with, but on a table saw, set your blade at a correct height, and use push sticks and blocks when appropriate, and proper techniques when sawing, and keep your fingers away in a 3+" no finger zone, from the blade,

      Use good lumber, and a good blade and if you THINK you should be fine,
      Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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        Re: New (to me) saw TS2412 - no guard

        IMHO $250 for a good running 2412 still isn't a bad deal, just not as good as $175. eReplacement has the whole shootin match for $65, just do it.
        I somewhat agree that the blade guard may be in the way more often than not, but riving knives and kickback pawls are pretty much essential. $60 is pretty cheap for these functions as I have yet to see any shop built designs that look effective and commercial substitutes tend to be expensive.
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          Re: New (to me) saw TS2412 - no guard

          When I got my R4512 I realized that the other blade plates would not fit. I have a couple different 3650 inserts, and a couple 2412 plates but have not measured the lengths yet. If this would help and I can send them your way for the cost of shipping. I am trying to make some stable zc inserts for my R4512 so that I can try my dado blade set and boxed blade set.