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    What are your opinions on the variable speed routers? I am looking at my first router purchase. The PC 693PK was my first choice but I see they have come out with a newer 1.75hp version as well as a variable speed version of the kit (693VSPK). Then I read all the good reviews on the Bosch kit ...
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    My 25 year old Sears router is dying, so I wanted to replace it with a heavy duty plunge router - that would support panel bits if I wanted to go there in the future. I got the DeWalt, but found myself going back to the old router most of the time - the DeWalt wasn't fun to use, although I never had anything specific wrong with it. I finally took it back under the "30 day no questions asked" offer, and got the Hitachi M12V.

    I like the Hitachi. Although it is heavy (as are any of the large plunge routers), I have also used it for trim work. If I only had one router, I wouldn't hesitate to get the Hitachi again.