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Looking for Dust Collector for my new Rigid 13 inch Planer!

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  • Looking for Dust Collector for my new Rigid 13 inch Planer!

    Hi. - I`m new to the group, still smiling over the (wife approved!) Rigid 13 inch planer with stand and dust cover. What are you using for DC on this? One man shop. One machine at a time. Your thoughts are appreciated!


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    hi i have one just like it and love it great choice in my opinion, as for chip colection i curently use the biggest ridgid shop vac, but!!! it fills up really fast and the dust collector attachment will plug in pine not so bad in oak b/wallnut ar cherry. i wish the dust collector was better designed but i dont know how to change it.a large dust collector with a 4" tube may work better i havent tried that yet


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      I use the Model B1000 Broom and DP1000 dust pan with my planer

      Eventually I will be able to spring for a dust collector, but not yet. Regardless, I'm anxious to see some responses to your question.


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        I have it connected to a Ridgid collection system with the 16 gal vac. It is the second tool on line which is about 6' from the vac. I use a 5 gal bucket as a separator which helps reduce the volume in the vac allowing more planing and less frequent emptying. I have been planing some 2x12's (yellow pine) and found by waxing the discharge area and the chute reduces clogging. Hope this helps


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          I use Ridgid's DC2000 dedicated Dust Collector in my shop. All the big machines are connected using a 4" flex hose through blast gates to a main 4" manifold. The manifold feeds a trash can cyclone and the DC is connected to the other end of the cyclone. Works like a champ. The bid chips from the planer and jointer end up in the cyclone and the saw dust ends op in the DC. I realize this is a relatively small unit but it works greatin my one man shop since only one machine is in use at a time. The next one will be at least 1200 CFM but I don't need it yet. Delta makes a comparable model. Good Luck
          - Tim