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Delta Mortising Attachment & Rigid DP

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  • Delta Mortising Attachment & Rigid DP

    I gather from another post that the Delta mortising attachment does not fit the Rigid drill press. Can anyone confirm this, as I'm in the market for a floor model DP and was debating the Rigid or Delta?

    Thanks in advance,

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    From what I've been advised on this forum, the mortissing attachments for these drill presses can take up to an hour to set up. If you're not running a dozen of the same thing, hardly seems worth the time. I'm opting for the old forstner bit and sharp chisel method. I don't plan on any large quantities of any one piece. If I do, I'll consoder a benchtop mortise machine.

    There's my 2 cents worth.
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      I'd echo what Greg said, or another way to go is forstner bit and chisels----router and jig. I had a mortising attachment---gave it away---even after you get it attached to the drill press, you still have to align the stock/bits with, in the case of my set and the stock fence/hold-downs were really bad on that count.


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        The Delta mortising kit would fit on the Ridgid DP1550 if there was more clearance between the chuck and the bit holding bracket. Otherwise everything else is ok. The drill press shaft seems to be too long or the chuck is sitting too low. Maybe another type of chuck would do it. Anyway I was either thinking at either returning the mortising kit or replacing the chuck. REturning the mortising kit seems to be a smarter choice as from what I read in some woodworking magazines, is a mortising machine like the delta is the way to go. No drill will give as much satisfaction then the real tool it self.

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          I have the delta morticing attachment if anyone wants it they can have it for the shipping- that's what I think of it bob


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            I have the Delta mortise attachment and like it. It is a pain to set up, but I have that down under 15 minutes. Then almost no time to make the adjustments for additional mortises.

            The Delta kit comes with 3 sleeves to fit various Delta and Craftsman drill presses. The virtually identical Ridgid kit comes with 4 sleeves - guess what it also fits! I tried my kit on someone else's Ridgid drill press, and learned why there is an extra sleeve.

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              Thanks everyone for the input. I already have the mortising attachment and it's a chore to use on a 10" Delta bench top DP I have: Attaching it isn't to bad , but I have to remove the crank lift in-order-for the table to be set low enough to fit stock under the chisels. Consequentially, it's in pristine condition.

              I guess my choices are to see if I can get Lowe's to take it back --it's been awhile since the purchase and no receipt; try to sell it; or buy a Delta floor model DP.

              The shame of it is for the cost of the kit, I could have bought an off brand dedicated mortiser. Oh well, it's not my first or last impractical tool buy. So many tools, so little money.