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Hard Maple blotching,Frig!!!

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  • Hard Maple blotching,Frig!!!

    I did the searching,knew about the problems and use the proper countermeaures,no love.
    Sanded to 220,used wood conditioner,waited about 2 hours then sprayed alcohol soluable aniline dye,still got blotching.
    Does anyone know a tried an true way to stain Maple,other than pigmented spray-on finish (toning)?

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    Re: Hard Maple blotching,Frig!!!

    If you are using Minwax sealer, it works much better ast preventing blotching if allowed to dry overnight, regardless what the directions say. It sometimes doesn't play well with alcohol unless it has had plenty of time to dry. I also had better results using two coats and let it dry overnight for oil-based stains also. You will want to de-gloss any shiny spots with at least a fine abrasive mat, or light sanding after the longer dry time.

    Zinsser Bulls-Eye Sealcote is dewaxed shellac. Use 2 coats with 45 min between coats and an hour before finish coats (providing temp is around 70. Longer if colder). You can mix the analine dye in with the zinssers if you want, but I would seal well first with the straight seal-cote. Scuff sand only if needed to remove dust nibs, etc. if using alcohol-based dye over it, as the alcohol will bite into the dry shellac without sanding.


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      Re: Hard Maple blotching,Frig!!!

      I feel your pain. I've got some blotched maple sitting in my garage now that I can't bear to throw out even though it's ugly. I don't know what product you're using but I use the MinWax, and for that one I can tell you 2 hours is nowhere near enough. Overnight is minimum, under good drying conditions, and several days is better. The blotched two I have just dried overnight. I've got nice pieces that I let sit much longer. It will work. But not in 2 hours.


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        Re: Hard Maple blotching,Frig!!!

        Thank's Guys
        I spent days trying to be sure I did'nt screw it up,Dozen's of test pieces.My mistake,following the manufactures direction's.It is not totally ruined but I'm not a real happy camper
        Now I have a Maple cabinate to do the same to.
        I'll let the sealer dry this time.
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          Re: Hard Maple blotching,Frig!!!

          I don't have much luck staining hard maple either. I have used both tinted conversion varnish and catalyzed lacquer as a toner with success. This is what guitar makers do (they still like nitrocellulose lacquer though) and it works great. But for the past several years, I just leave maple blonde and use something else if I'm looking for a darker tone.