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Tenon Jig for my TS 2400

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  • Tenon Jig for my TS 2400

    I want to buy a Tenon jig for my saw. My understanding is that Ridgid does not make one?? I was also told the Delta one would work but I would have to file the Miter grove or sand it so the miter bar will sit flush. I also founrd another Tenon jig by Vega Enterprises. I emailed them and they told me it would work fine with the TS 2400. Any comments would be appreciated..Thanks
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    Chuck, not to beat a dead horse, but I felt I needed to correct your understanding of fitting a Delta tenon jig to a Ridgid saw.

    In no circumstances would you be enlarging the miter "groove" on the saw itself. You simply remove the miter *BAR* from the jig and slim it down about .010. This is necessary because Ridgid/Sears saws have a narrower miter slot than most other saws. You will often see in catalogs that there is a note saying in effect, "fits Sears/Ridgid saws". The "non standard" miter slot dimension is the reason for this note.

    For a discussion of this, I would refer you to this thread:

    I'm not pushing Delta. I only want you to understand that you will have a fitting problem with any other manufacturer's tenon jig,*UNLESS* the miter bar has some adjustability mechanism built in. Perhaps the Vega does. I have no knowledge on this brand.


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      It would seem that there should be a "standard" miter slot. What do the big Jet, Delta, Powermatic, etc units use,and are they all the same? 3/4" I thought.Why re-invent the wheel?


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        The way I understand it Delta, Jet PM use a .75" bar with a slightly larger slot. Ridgid uses a .75" slot with a slightly undersized bar. You can use the Delta tenoning jig, you just have to either change the bar to an aftermarket that has adjustable set screws for the bar, or you can lap the sides of the bar to make it fit.

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          RRitch is right about the sizing of the miter slot. There really isn't a standard size slot (beyond 3/4"). The only accessory that causes a problem is the Delta Tenoning jig. All other aftermarket jigs and accessories have adjustable bars that allow some difference in miter slots.