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grrrrrrr 2 weeks and got problems with 2424

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  • grrrrrrr 2 weeks and got problems with 2424

    so far so good with my new ts 2424 and now the motor burned out and i got to keep making sure that the fence is squared with the blade everytime i move the fence
    as well as when i try to rip a sheet of plywood the fence will move on me when i am trying to rip and push to hard
    i did try to adjust the fence and it still moves
    i am going to take it back and try another one...
    is there some kind of defect or is this just a fluke

    let me know

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    The motor burned out? Wow.

    If your fence moves when locked, you simply haven't adjusted it tight enough. A friend was visiting my shop, and was dubious about the Ridgid fence. I locked it, let him measure it, then dragged the saw by the fence a couple feet. The fence didn't budge.



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      It really sounds as if the motor burning up is related to the fact the fence will not lock down tight and most likely the blade is out of alignment.

      First check the alignment on the blade vs the miter slot, it should be exactly parallel from front to back, if not follow the instructions for setting the heel of the blade.

      Second the fence should be set parallel to the miter slot not the blade. If the blade is aligned correctly then this adjustment should be easy.

      If the fence is moving then the locking mechanism is not tight. At the rear of the fence there should be a 1/2" nut which you can tighten. Tighten that nut to the point where the fence locks firmly, but the fence can still be removed with no obstructions.



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        hi jake
        thanks for the reply

        i did all the above
        when the moter went i was cross cuts of 1/4" plywood and was turning the saw on and off a few times between cuts....

        i did make the mistake and assumed that ridgid was making saws for craftsman and that is wat i bought when this happened i went to sears and complaned to them about it and then they want to keep it for 4 week to fix it so i just took my money back and went to HD and bought the real TS 2424 [img]smile.gif[/img]...i a happy camper now.... there is a BIG differance in the 2 saws and the ridgid cuts a lot better ....i had just bought a new 50 tooth freud blad got the craftman saw and it made it work better till the moter went..... the only complant i have about ridgid is the blade that came with the saw suck just a bit ....after a few cuts with it i but on the freud blade and it make a big differance with the way the saw cuts ...the only other thing is that i had to play with all the adjustments to line everything up and the pointer on the saw for the blade angle was off by about 8 deg. and was behind the crank handle for the blade hight adjustment .....but with a little tweeking and adjustment i got it set up just rite [img]smile.gif[/img]

        the only thing i was impressed with the sears saw was that everything was lined up on the money out of the box.... but u got me for a customer now and foever and i will never step foot in another sears again

        thanks again


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          I was wondering how the outfeed table you built is going to work with the TS2424? Did you have to modify it? Also, I'm glad to hear you got the 'real' one as you say.

          I'll be keeping my eye on the Forum here to see how you do with the raised panel doors. I plan on doing some of that myself but my plan, at this point, is to use the router table. Good luck.

          J J


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            hi jj
            the out feed table bolted right on with no problems

            as far as the out doors not to good
            i can not find a wood that is sutable to make the rails ans stiles
            i used poplar and pine and both ripped apart in the router

            i need to find a wiid that is sutable for this task then i will be ok