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TS2412 Fence Problems?

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  • TS2412 Fence Problems?

    Has anyone else had inaccuracy problems with the rip fence on the 2412? Mine is never square with the blade and I have to take a ruler and measure from fence to miter guide grooves or table edge to ensure a good cut. There does not seem to be a good way to adjust the fence. Also, has anyone upgraded the fence to a better grade or modified existing fence in any way? The fence is usually off about 1/8 from front to back of fence which is a huge problem as you know.


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    The fence is easily adjusted to be parallel with the blade. On mine I did the following....I put a ruler from my combination square next to the blade (after adjusting it to the left hand miter guage), then moved the fence next to it. I loosened the four adjustment nuts on the fence and made it parallel to the blade, then locked the fence down. After tightening the nuts back down it should be fine.
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