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    Norm's post on the 'Whats New In Power Tools' forum on 3/18/03. Ridgid available at other sources than HD?


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    Naw, just more Big Corporation circle talking. The 1200+ HD's will still be the only place to buy the woodworking tools. The other "distributors" he talked about are the people that sell the hand tools and plumbing machines. Come to think of it though, what may be made more widely available is the proposed line of cordless tools. As these could/would have many crossover markets, they quite possibly could see varied distribution. I wouldn't look for the new table saw at your friendly plbg/htg wholesale distributor just yet though.
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      I've been told that the new tools will be available through any of our authorized distributors. You can locate one by selecting the Locations tab on the new site layout, which you should be seeing soon.