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10 inch chop saw

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  • 10 inch chop saw

    I have the Ridgid 10 inch chop saw. I do like the saw however it has a problem that irks the hell out of me. I cant make but a few cuts without tightening the saw and checking to make sure its at 90 degrees to the baseplate. I use a small square to check. Even though I tighten the heck out of it it wont stay. Any advice or fix will surely be appreciated. I also own the Ridgid 13 inch planer and I am very pleased with it and have had not had any problems. These are the only Ridgid tools I own.

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    I have some advice for fixing your 10" chop saw - get rid of it.


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      Bad Advice...........
      FYI The forum moderator saw my post, emailed me privately and asked for my address as they have engineered a better locking device to hold its settings. I have recieved and installed the device and it has effectively fixed the problem. I would like to add that this was at no additional cost to me. I now use my saw a lot more. I call that a pro-active customer service......I am still a satisified customer.....I also own the Ridgid 13 inch portable planer. Heck of a nice unit. ALl of my other tools are by Grizzly.