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1400 BS Will Not Cut Streight

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  • 1400 BS Will Not Cut Streight

    My new saw will not cut streight... AT ALL... As soon as the blade hits a piece of wood it turns to the left. I have adjusted the tracking the supports the guides and the tension and it always does the same thing. It is drastic and very hard to deal with. I have used different blades and I get the same result. Any ideas? I had the older gray saw and it worked fine. This one looks almost the exact same. I don't seem to have the vibration problem everyone else is having.

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    I am having the same problem with my BS1400. I have checked everything I know to check and it still continues to cut left. I took the blade off and both the lower and upper wheel are improperly balanced. The casting were made in China which is typical. I am pretty disappointed in the quality of this product. If the saw will not cut straight it is no good to me. It does look good though!


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      Bandsaws never cut straight-No matter how much you pay for it. You have to adjust for blade drift which is constant over the life of the blade. Blade drift is a result of how bandsaw blades are manufactured. My current blade drifts 2 degrees to the left. This is why it is important to get a rip fence that can be adjusted for blade drive

      A couple of suggestions to minimize drift and get your saw into tip top shape.

      Use a sanding block to sand the tires on the wheels co-centric and flat. David Marks has an excellent article on band saw tune up at and I also recommend sanding the back of the blade to keep it from binding.

      The tension gauge on the back of bandsaws are always wrong. I usually overtension the blade by at least one mark and this seems to be the correct tension in most cases. I set my tension by blade deflection, and not by the marks on the back

      Throw away the stock blade and get either a timberwolf blade (suffollk machinery) or an Olson pro series blade.