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Jake...can you check into this?

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  • Jake...can you check into this?


    Can you see if Ridgid would offer the saw stop as a add on to a great saw?

    This is a great leap in saw safety and I am surprized that Ridgid has not offered it.

    thanks in advance.


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    They had a lot of trouble getting anyone interested in the package to add on the Saw Stop to existing saws...not sure of the details, but they have now as you know, released their own saws and all but given up on the idea of making the package an add-on. They still do have the licensing program page up, but I sure wouldn't hold my breath for anyone who makes their own saw to step up and add it on.
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      As I remember right, reading a couple months back, the induction of the Saw Stop on existing modles of table saws would require a change in the manufacturing process. Basically, redesigning every saw offered with it.

      The article stated that no one in the industry could make this leap of technology without causing a drastic increase in price. And with todays market that would not be a wise business decission.

      I have not checked, but I think the article mentioned that the Saw Stop table saw runs 3 to 5 hunderd more than any other compatable saw.

      With Ridgid and HD announcing profits less than expected, I would not count on seeing the Saw Stop on Ridgid machinery anytime soon unless it's mandated by governed safety standards.
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        Scott, If you feel that it's that important to you. Go buy a SawStop TS. The specs look damn good. And if more people put their money where their mouth was, maybe manufacturers would sit up and take notice. You can sell your Ridgid for a great used price.