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RE: Planer Question - Poor chip collection

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  • RE: Planer Question - Poor chip collection

    I had much the same problem with my Grizzly G1017 12" portable planer.

    This planer has a metal chip hood with 2 small vacuum ports one on each end. I used to connect a shop vacuum hose to both ports & the shop vacuum just couldn't keep up with what the planer put out. I cut out an opening in the top of the hood & connected 4" PVC into it & taped both small ports up. I no longer have a problem with chips dimpling the wood. There are very few chips that escape.

    I also made a table that the planer sets down into with out the fold out table wings then slid a 3/4" board through the planer & screwed it down & fastened some edges that stick up above the 3/4" board on the sides of the board as guides for the material as it goes through the planer. The tables on each side are 29" long, over all length is 67 1/2" this = no snipe. Besides that it makes handling long peices of wood sooo much easier. I set it up on the table saw & outfeed table & hook up the hose from my overhead table saw guard to the planer. When I get done I set it on end leaning up against the wall. I purchased this planer used about 4 years ago for $250 & it has served me very well.
    Use safety devices or you may not need gloves.