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    Hello all,
    Just would like to say that I've been enjoying all of the information I've been reading here. It's nice to see the relatively unbiased tool suggestions...I know we all have our favs, but it's still a relief to see that not everyone is promoting RIDGID just because of this site. By the way, I just boght the Bosch 1590 jigsaw, but am really eyeing up the Rigid Table Saw (can't remember the # off hand, but the one everyone is raving about)...All the tips and DIY plans are a great read too...I hope to be turning out some nice projects out of my Garage-Unheated Workshop...well...we need to set up

    Keep great tips coming!!


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    Welcome to the forum. Let us know what you think of the 1590 after you have a chance to give it a workout, I have the 1587 and really like it, but it appears they have made some worthwhile improvements in an attempt to keep on the cutting edge.



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      Thanks woodslayer..
      I finally had a chance to try out the new 1590 JS and I must say, what a nice powertool...smooth, smooth, smooth, powerful...did I mention smooth? It sure beats the old "housewife" skill model that just died on me...the thing still looked brand new and the internal gears stripped out...what a waste of $$...Oh yeah, the blades for the Bosch are great. Sharp as can cam with only three "mixed" blades, so I bought the 12tpi blades for cutting curves...and they did just that. Very satisfied with this JS