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R4330 planer question

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  • R4330 planer question

    I just purchased the r4330 planer and in the instructions it says not to plane any wood that is less than 5/16'' but the repeat a cut goes all the way to 1/8'' am I missing something
    Thanks Ray

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    Re: R4330 planer question

    I don't have the R4330, but do have the TP1300.

    This thought process may seem odd, but makes sense to me.

    My planer instructions allows for planing material 3/16" and thicker. Since you can not lower the cutter below the lowest setting on the repeat-a-cut, the 1/8" setting was needed (they are indexed in 1/8" increments). When they changed the minimum board thickness to 5/16" they left the repeat-a-cut the same.

    So it could be possible that the first model that they made required an 1/8" setting and they just never changed it. If you need to plane boards thinner than 5/16" there are methods available.

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: R4330 planer question

      I've gone too a 1/4" on my 4330 without issue, haven't gone for the 1/8" yet though