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    i bought a used dado for rough is a sears dial dado (#3261 24 teeth) about $60.00 new. the cut it made has me left a 3/4" with cut but it is not flat. one side of the cut is 1/2"deep the other side is only a 1/4" this cant be normal i have always used stack dados before, but i thought this dado would work on old wood that i was not to worried about. this dado looks new and not damaged payed $10.00 no instuctions came with it so i dont know if there is somthing i need to adjust.

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    I have a similar one (32668) and it works fine. It leaves a dado with a slight crown in the middle due to the wobble style which I clean up with my shoulder plane. You sure your saw arbor is set at 90? Only way to be off by a 1/4" is if there are no teeth on the one blade


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      thanks wayne, i went to sears and looked at a new one. i found that mine was missing the 5/8 bushing in side of the dado.i picked on up and it worked great.