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Ridgid Scroll Saw vs Dremil 1680 Variable Speed

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  • Ridgid Scroll Saw vs Dremil 1680 Variable Speed

    I have never owned a scroll saw but have been looking at a couple models with the intention of purchasing one. The Ridgid 1650 and the Dremil 1680. The Ridgid has been discountinued but I know I can get one. This is of concern to me. I would appreciate the comments of anyone who owns these models or is an experienced scroll saw user.
    The Ridgid sells for $139, the Dremil for $189 with workstand included.

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    First, unless you plan on doing a lot of scroll saw work, the included stand shouldn't influance your choice---I much prefer to store mine on a shelf.

    Because I use mine so little, I don't know much to tell you. Do, look for a saw that can handle both pin and straight end blades.

    As to the two--have actually never seen the Rigid---love my Dremel.


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      I have a Ridgid and I must admit I have never used it. Lowes has a 2 speed Delta on sale for $50 dollars if this something you will only use every now and then. The Dewalt would be the one to get on the upper end. I have used a basic model delta and after bolting it down to the workbench it worked find. I am sure someone with more knowledge will chime in.


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        As others have mentioned, it's a usuage thing.
        I don't know about the Dremal, but if not mistake, as the Ridgid, it does take both types of blades.
        With not getting alot of use unless this is your designated field of woodworking, the warrenty will run out on the saw before it gets much use. This is where Ridgid comes in. If anything ever fails due to defects in craftsmanship or manufacturing, it will be replaced. I know first hand this to be true.
        I mounted my Ridgid 1650 to a Ridgid Universal stand and not getting much use, I too am thinking about making a home made docking station for it and several other pieces of small equipment I'm in the market for, and using the stand to accept them all, mounted on the same size base plate of some sort, probably a piece of plywood.
        Good luck in what ever you decide!
        John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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          I was walking down the isle in Lowe’s today and noticed the Delta 40-570 on clearance for $149, Delta recently changed the decal and part # to SS350. It was sitting side by side with the Dremil and appeared to be a more solid tool in my opinion. You might want to check it out.



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            I was planning on buying the Dewalt but received the Dremil as a gift last Xmas. It takes both style blades but the pin blades don't have the same quality as the straight end blades. I am not impressed with the Dremil. It is like operating a thrashing machine. I'd spend the extra $100.00 and buy the Dewalt.


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              Woodslayer, I agree with you. I saw that Delta Scroll saw and it does seem to be a very well built machine and I am leaning towards it. Thanks so much for your input.


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                Well, I wasted no time and went to Lowes first thing this morning and bought the Delta 40-570. I will let everyone know in future posts how I make out with it. Thanks to all who responded to my posts. Isn't funny how things turn out, I was orginally thinking Ridgid or Dremel!